In the year 2050 it is projected that "Hispanics" will be the majority in the United States of America.

Today's news:
Non-Hispanic whites now make up two-thirds of the nation's total population, the bureau said, but that proportion will dip to one-half by 2050, according to the agency's latest projections.

How will things be different?
do you even think this will make a difference?

Here is a interesting read:
America's structures are Western. Your Congress, your lobbying groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly Western, not the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

Writing letters to the press, manning stands at county fairs, hosting fund-raising dinners, attending rallies, setting up conferences, writing your Congressman -- that is what you know, and what you are comfortable with. Those are the political methods you've created for yourselves to keep your country on track and to ensure political accountability.

But woe to you if -- or more likely, when -- the rules change.
Who cares? Latinos are cool people, with a rich cultural heritage. What's wrong with more of them being here?
What's wrong with more of them being here?
Crime, for one thing. While not quite to the extent of blacks, hispanic males have higher testosterone levels and lower IQ's than non-hispanics. Those two attributes correlate a lot with crime.

I'm rather dubious about how accurately a prediction like that can be made, however. By 2050, a majority??
Racial hatred and fear is fundamental to primates. I see no way around this. Unless the entire population of the world is reduced and brought to the standard of living and education of the typical westerner. Until then (if ever) there will be this constant flux of the haves/havenots and the rise and fall of chaos and terror. I fear that peaceful coexistence among races is a fantasy. Groups are nothing like individuals. A single molecule my have the lowest possible kinetic energy while the entire pot boils.

Therefore, if as a group you want to maintain your "way of life", heed the words of the article. Hold on as long as you can. But it won't last. The barbarians are at the gates. There are always barbarians.
apendrapew said:
Crime, for one thing.
I see nothing wrong with this.
However, this is from a person who thinks GTA San Andreas is the best game ever, so you probably shouldn't take that too seriously... :D
Not where I live. I don't live in an area with high crime rate anyhow. Or any real crime for that matter. I don't live in the damn city, dammit, I live in the suburbs. No crime, pretty much.
Anyway, as I said, I play GTASA too much, and you probably shouldn't take that statement too seriosly...
Hapsburg said:
Who cares? Latinos are cool people, with a rich cultural heritage. What's wrong with more of them being here?
If america was latino, i would worship it. :p
Because latino people are vivid, friendly and interesting. And they also welcome different people. Americans are not like that at all... (not all of them, but apperently a majority)...
Hmm... Well, I don't know enough latino people to make a judgement. They seem that way on TV I guess...

Note: Stereotyping, favorably or unfavorably, can have crappy effects.
The fact of the matter is that there is no true way of accurately representing the progression or timetable of the eventual domination of latin phenotype in the US. I've seen this projected number quite a few years ago and it seems to be remaining steady, but this may (in fact likely is) be the result of the same 'study' that projected the figures I saw years ago.

The fact of the matter is that the western hemisphere is predominantly latin and therefore it is pretty much hopeless to think that our country will not eventually be dominated by latinos rather than whites. The only means of preventing this would be very strict border control. And even then that would just slow down the process as latino families are generally larger than white, black, or practically any other family. I suppose that Catholic indoctrination might have a large part to do with this.

The question is what can we expect when this happens?
And the answer is... who knows? The most likely thing that we can expect is that nothing will change that much. Our country has already absorbed much latino culture without our even being aware of it.

I think that a good side-effect of this would be that terms such as Mexican American would go by the wayside. There would only be Americans. The need for such rampant political correctness would be assuaged and perhaps we could go back to solving our problems instead of covering them up with pixie dust and pretending they don't exist.

I can see a troublesome element in this that there is a divide in black America and latin America. Long before the latins become the majority, they will have overtaken the blacks as the leading minority. What will happen then? I do see trouble in this. From both sides. Perhaps they can learn to put their differences aside, but I see too much bad blood between these two groups. A latin friend of mine says that Mexicans are the new niggers and the blacks are the new KKK.

I find it ironic that things never change. Merely changing positions. Reminds me of my nephews. The oldest nephew gets yelled at by an adult and so he goes and beats on the oldest of his younger brothers around. That nephew then carries on the abuse to a lower level. And the youngest goes out to kick a dog. The dog bites a weaker dog. The weakest dog goes and shits on the carpet.

The cycle continues.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that when the races begin to equal each other in numbers that we will be able to set aside primitive stereotypical categorization and we can actually work together to create a working society rather than the dysfunctional clusterfuck we have now.

I look forward to the day when I can say, "Pedro always on my back..."


Who cares? Latinos are cool people, with a rich cultural heritage. What's wrong with more of them being here?

You do realize that you've just generalized an entire people under a stereotype and that you are no better than the people that you are apparently trying to speak against.

Latinos aren't anything other than people. Some are pricks. Some are cool. Some are boring. Some are interesting.

I find your simplistic attitude offensive and annoying.

Now, tell me how you love cats.


You only say that because you think you are latino. You've been misled. You're actually simian. Monkey-boy.

Oh crap. I just realized who started this thread.
Meh. Prepare, O children, the inanity and endless airing of 'facts' is about to begin.
No matter what racism is about to ensue:

Latinas are freaking hot.


I wonder if white people will start having to mow their lawns for a little money, eh esse? Hehehe..

Oh, and invert is right about latino's just being "people". I don't see how white America should fear them because they might vote the Pope into power or something. This same lunacy almost cost JFK the presidency. But JFK was a loser and certainly not the civil rights activist that revisionists portray him to be. Did I mention Lyndon Johnson (or whoever his VP was) initiated most of the reforms that the country needed? Off topic..

What troubles me is that whenever white middle class Americans have felt threatened throughout the nation's history, there has always been some senseless crap justified (even legally) to promote racism. I can't remember if there's a term for it; I'll check my history books. There was the KKK, the Quota Acts of the 20's, and other stuff I can't remember. Irish people had it tough, but they made life even harder for the blacks. Blacks need to move out of the ghetto and into the cities if they are to keep up. I imagine Latinos are higher up the economic ladder if they can afford to fuck like rabbits. But other groups have been here longer and don't seem to have the money or the soldiers..

Soo.. were we talking about Latinos?
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TruthSeeker said:
Because latino people are vivid, friendly and interesting. And they also welcome different people. Americans are not like that at all... (not all of them, but apperently a majority)...

This seems like a moronic stereotype. Do you mind, you filthy racist pig queer?
superluminal said:
Note: Stereotyping, favorably or unfavorably, can have crappy effects.
Good point. Let me rephrase that: most of the latinos that I've known have been cool, nice, and intelligent people.
Well, we had the perfect chance in 1848, but we were too fucking stupid then to do it.
This is why we should annex Mexico now before they make a statistic out of the U.S.

The hell you talking about?
Make a 'statistic' out of the US?
I get the feeling that you're saying that latin domination of the US would be something akin to 'murdering' (the most common meaning of 'make a statistic of') it.
Now. Whether or not this is so is up for debate, but assuming that you're right... why would 'annexing' Mexico change that? That would actually speed up the process not slow it down or reverse it... Unless you also plan on commiting some type of genocide...

Anyway. Why would we want to annex Mexico? Do you realize the amount of capital that would need to be expended on the venture? Mexico is a mess and would take all our time and energy for decades to fix. It would drag the rest of the country down to its level.

Now. Before you (or someone else) say something about Mexico's poor financial state is the point of the thread as it would show a connection between latinos and poverty... Well. That's just stupid. So don't even try. Mexico is not the US and the US is not Mexico. And it has nothing to do with races.
invert_nexus said:
it has nothing to do with races.
If J.B started the thread, it has something to do with race. He never says anything that doesn't...