What do girls want?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by spidergoat, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    If a woman shaves her head and she isn't a supermodel, what will happen? If she dresses like some lesbians who are feeling male-like and if she isn't a lesbian...how will that be accepted by society?

    That's just because you are insecure. There are tons of guys who don't have a girlfriend and they aren't considered "creepy".

    Men who have courage aren't considered "creepy" by society if they don't have a girlfriend. If you have courage, why aren't you wearing a dress?
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  3. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    Or they get lucky some night, and all their frustrations disappear? Because of being able to put their penis in a vagina? WTF? Maybe question the values of a culture where your self worth is judged by how many hawt girls you bang? You're willing to question everything else but that. You aren't talking about sexual tension, since people can masturbate, you are talking about EGO.
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  5. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    As a passive dude in a dress, just how much ego can you afford?
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  7. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    I don't even know where to start. This is a job for a professional.
  8. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Most people choose a third way. Remarkable that you can't see it.
    Ah! So incel is an ideology (with some variation of views within that ideology, of course.) Glad to see you admitting that.
    Ah, so some of what you say is not intended to be taken seriously.
    Since those two are effectively the same, I'll assume you're being sarcastic again. Haha.
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  9. ToR original Registered Member

    Women want

    *same things all biological organisms 'want' and then 'some'*

    Provision (to provide for self or to be provided for - this includes all things from food, shelter to handbags)
    Offspring (generally, not always)
    A good father for their offspring (who can accommodate all the above)
    Honest Communication
  10. pluto2 Banned Valued Senior Member

    Someone gave Steve Buscemi as an example of an ugly guy.

    But what they forget to mention is that Steve Buscemi has light skin color and blue eyes and light skin tone and blue eyes are regarded as universally attractive for both men and women.

    No wonder why Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pit are considered very handsome by most women and that's because they both have very good facial skin, no facial hair at all and blue eyes and all these traits are considered universally attractive by virtually all women in our society.

    Also Steve Buscemi has no facial hair either and facial hair is considered unattractive (and sometimes even repulsive) in men for most good-looking women.
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  11. billvon Valued Senior Member

    And yet people are still attracted to Denzel Washington (black) and Johnny Depp (brown eyes.) Sorta makes you think that it's personal preference, eh?
    And yet women are also attracted to men with facial hair like Jared Leto and Ben Affleck. Sorta makes you think that it's personal preference, eh?
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  12. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    Tom Selleck, Robert Redford, Clark Gable, Freddy Mercury, Burt Reynolds, Alex Trebek, Sam Elliott, Errol Flynn, Charles Bronson...
  13. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    But ... I mean ... that doesn't ... er ... actually, y'know, never mind.


    Sort of ... but more than picking nits from Swedish meatballs and maiden merkins, part of what you're onto—e.g., lack of facial hair—is an aura or projection of being mostly harmless; a slender boy, china-fine pale Dresden doll blond and blue, can seem the cutest thing in the world but there is precisely nothing precluding him from being mortally dangerous. Likewise, the lumpen, fireplug shouting macho Scotsman could be the best friend a woman could ever have, but he's going to need more than them blue eyes to overcome the untamed danger implied by what we have long redeemed as rugged.

    In a law of the jungle, perhaps rugged is suggestive of a stronger presence in a hostile environment; in the concrete canyons of glazed civility and neon-lit ambition, yeah, actually, someone that looks, according to our own prejudices, less harmful might well have a particular aesthetic appeal. I mean, really, defeminize the ugly drunks hollering about getting it on with all sorts of women—(once upon a time we called it all sorts of stuff, including glam, and these days we recall it by "hair" or "butt" rock)—and they wouldn't have been nearly so appealing. I mean, sure, without the glitz and glamour, rock and roll love songs aren't exactly hopeful affairs, but if the singer is pretty enough it becomes somehow sweet. And let's face it, put a mostly ugly dude up onstage in a thin t-shirt, with even only a little bit of makeup and hair extensions, and those torn jeans that are supposed to be manly despite tight trousers being a chick thing, and "worship our Master's every need" can start to sound ... I don't know, not sick and harmful?

    To the other, in terms of sexy ugly men, Scorpions '88, e.g., "Believe in Love"↱ (Savage Amusement) is probably better for trying to meet chicks in the bar, while Scoripions '72 (i.e., Lonesome Crow) is for blasting loud while having really awesome sex with a woman who really likes to fuck.

    (Point of inside history: In high school, we actually had a weird joke about "Believe in Love" that we would now describe as meanish-girl bullying, but in its full glory it has something to do with how white girls at concerts they don't like stand in one place and not quite dance and softly clap not quite in time to the music, and it was after the Scorps rolled through town we spent three or so days watching a bunch of girls with outsized coiffes juke their hips just so while stiffly, quietly clapping their hands in time to a song nobody was listening to, but we all knew was "Believe in Love". And any woman of my generation will tell you, it was also slut-shaming. Honestly, the kids today have no effing clue how brutal their parents are.)​

    Nostalgia: Gorky Park, the band, with two mandatory power ballads on their Mercury Records debut: "Try to Find Me"↱, "Sometimes at Night"↱.

    Oh, right. The blonde and blue soul boy from Birmingham. Yeah, you want creepy vulnerability? Tommy Shaw's "Kiss Me Hello"↱ is right up there, and there is nothing about that haircut that doesn't look predatory.

    Anyway, women have been telling men for years to lay off the macho-aggro, and men, as such, just plain refuse. And as we've seen in recent days, one response is to complain about everyone else—e.g., women, queers, liberalism, &c.—for not stopping men. It is, however, true that what men and thus the societies they have led value of masculinity is often its most dangerous faculties. Masculine virtue in its own context is horrific vice if one is the woman expected to accommodate its full power. No, machismo isn't attractive to the people who will die by it.

    And at some point the question of what girls or women want is best answered by paying attention to what they tell us. This actually stands out to me, these days, because I just witnessed some rather incredible human behavior reiterating a complicated suspicion I feel about identity masculinism being incapable of actually recognizing other people as anything other than characters playing assigned roles in story and screed.

    But if we watch the rest of nature, there is virtue to be assessed in the raw force associated with masculinity. Pissing elephants beat the hell out of each other, and to the victor goes the spoil of mounting a female. That's just not how it works anymore. Courting a woman by pissing himself and head-butting other men would only remind her how powerful, dangerous, and uncontained he is. And, quite frankly, living through the night should not, within pretenses of civilized society, need to be explicitly enumerated on the checklist.
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  14. sculptor Valued Senior Member

  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    sexualy normative gender stereo typed ...
  16. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, that one worked out better when a girl said it.

  17. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    women have been a second class citizen kept in doors and forced to be domestic(& sexual) slaves for centurys. still are in some cultures in the world.
    the 80's music era of ideological emancipation actually meant something when women said it.
    many 1st world citys are still considered places that women shouold not be out alone in.
    "out & having fun" was the process of making yourself a victim & risking a beating from your slave master. not to mention tarnishing your reputation so any generaly non violent men would refuse to have you as a bride.

    its great that most 1st would countrys are moving forward to give women equal rights.
    it is no surprise it appears to be going backwards in the usa given their massive number of christian extremists who seem to be anti equal rights for women.
  18. sculptor Valued Senior Member

  19. naturallygorg Registered Member

    Agreed on that!
  20. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    If a man shaves his head people talk behind his back and assume he is a nazi.

    If a woman shaves her head, they talk behind her back and say she is unnattractive.

    But being considered unnattractive is just the norm men have to endure everyday.

    They are considered harmless because that is exactly what they are: harmless socially approved beta males, worker drones, the emasculated goodie-two-shows who fits into society and has a low sex drive.

    When did I say I have courage?

    Nope thats a fallacy. It will not allievate ALL frustration but some. I am not saying prostitution is the utopia we asked for. But it will make life more bearable.
    The utopia I asked for, is for a woman to love me and appreciate me. I guess that is too much to ask for I guess.
    I am not naming names, I am not saying any woman in particular "owes me" sex. I just wish that I lived in a world where women didn't treat me like a success object to be used as an ATM machine. I wish that women would approach me, rather than me being backed into a corner of lonliness and forced to approach them. But I guess it's too much to ask, as a male worker drone bee of the hive I must be asked to know my place and not to complain. I guess if I want to be loved, I need to be a celibate monk who has no EGO and just, never have hopes or dreams and become a beta-male, agreeable yes-man of the ether. Got no choice I guess.

    Great point. Everyone seems to hate racism, but always gives dating racism a free pass.

    Now you're beginning to see it. You know, you and I, we aren't so different.

    Because this is what I have been saying for years. Hot women, go on stage, with the makeup, and talk about abusing men like objects and just discarding them. And society gives them a free pass because they are hot. For example, that song about "It don't impress me much." She is a narcissist just going around insulting men and telling them they are worthless unless they are good in bed, she says "You ain't got the touch."

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