Mar 12, 2003
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alien lie form, Male

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    1. superstring01
      Additionally, when I left SciForums (okay, not "left" but cut back on) a little over two years ago, I was massively overweight. I came in just under 300lbs. My relationship with Rick was on the rocks and then I got fired from my District HR job at Kohl's. Everything fell apart in just a few months. But since then, I hired a trainer, lost a ton of weight (I weigh 185), I run marathons, I'm going to Europe in the summer to run some races, my relationship is in the best spot its ever been and I have a job that I love. It's not so much that being online hurt those things, but that all of the time-investment I was making elsewhere pretty much cut out Sciforums.

      Additionally, I am a contributor to Quora and I write a TON of stuff for them. You can find my profile here: http://www.quora.com/Dan-Holliday
    2. superstring01
      Hey Spidey.

      Well, I do come back about once a month to check it out. I'm kind of busy. I started finishing my degree in CS about 2.5 years ago and I'm getting near the end. It's been insanely difficult. I'm almost 40 and the fact that I never got a degree really was a self-esteem destroyer. Now that I'm getting it done, I realize that perhaps some of that concern was misplaced on account of (a) the fact that I'm in a very good career where it won't be needed and (b) the cost of this degree is pretty substantial (even if my employer compensates me for much of it). Either way, I assume it will feel pretty good to have it finished. But the time investment is massive. I mean, I have zero free time.
    3. cluelusshusbund
      spidergoat---"It only seems contradictory because we live in an environment of illusion. I'm willing to address what's appropriate within that environment because we have no choice but to interact with other people who buy into it, even if it's false."

      Spot on.!!!
    4. Saturnine Pariah
      Saturnine Pariah
      I know. What do you think?
    5. elte
      Spidergoat, don't forget to read Dmitry Orlov's blog post for this week.
    6. R1D2
      Like Scifes said Dude you avatar is unquestionably freaky, it makes me want to HURL UP. You should change it
      Your last picture was disturbing but this little girl! Someone call the exorcist!!
      Who the hell came up with THAT! How do you stand to look at it?
      An I am afraid to ask. Where the Hell did YOU find HER at!!! I will avoid the site.
    7. scifes
      i really don't want to look at it but i just can't stop looking and absorbing how unnaturally scary all its details are..
    8. scifes
      dude your avatar is unreasonably freaky, it makes me want to puke. you should change it :(
    9. aaqucnaona
    10. spidergoat
      Hype! Hanging in there for some reason.
    11. hypewaders
      Hey how ya been sg
    12. chimpkin
      Dude, I know who she is!
      I just didn't know you were a geri chaser.
      At least if I get Condoleeza Rice to tie me up and whip me we're not talking as big an age gap.

      And are you ok? those last few posts were a bit...ehrm, rather unlike you...
    13. spidergoat
    14. chimpkin
      you would do who????
    15. Giambattista
      If exasperation with one's opinions equals love, then our amore is great indeed!

    16. spidergoat
    17. Orleander
      Gene Simmons is an asshole??? LOL, what's up with that?
    18. cobain
    19. Orleander
      love ya spindergoat!!! <HUG!>
    20. cluelusshusbund
      You'r welcom... everbody loves cluelusshusbund soomer or later :-)

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