Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by birch, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    I first got intoduced to this amazing breakthrough of a workout machine as a member of a particular gym. They carry a brand called maxi. I could literally stay on this for a couple hours at a time.

    Then i moved to another gym which carried the lifefitness brand and i cant stay motivated to stay on it past twent minutes and if i do, i am bored to tears. Mind you, the former brand is much harder.

    I can tell the difference. It takes subtle and precise engineering to imitate stairs and the whole experience exactly. The former brand does it perfectly. The sense of gravity and really having to work hard.

    Though it seems that the lifefitness machine is similar, these differences totally throws off the experience. The former is definitely climbing stairs, the latter feels more like a stairstepper in motion. I dont like it!

    I fell in love with that brand and machine. Became addicted to it and adore it. Now i feel like i lost a part of myself going around to different gyms trying out their stepmills trying to find one like it or that one like a long lost love. I was happy, motivated and just darn loved it. Applause to that company.

    Im sad and dont frequent the gym much at this new gym anymore. What will i do now? I never fell in love with a piece of equipment before. I really did. I loved everything about it including the preset workout routines, sense and motion, extra usb ports for phone etc. But its not like i can afford to buy a 6 to 10k machine. They are that expensive but awesome. I used to feel such a sense of accomplishment from having climbed the empire state building several times. None of the stress put on joints such as treadmills but gives you one hell of a workout. I really like hiking up an incline and it simulates this perfectly.

    I never knew one could be heartbroken over a machine. What will i do now??? Lol
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    If you are finding a particular exercise comfortable then it's not doing its job.

    Your muscles tend to quickly find the most economical way to move so that they expend as little energy as possible. That's their goal.

    The whole point of exercising is to keep your body working the way it doesn't prefer to, so that it must continue to expend calories. If you were to work with a trainer, they would teach you to stop doing what you're doing as soon as it becomes comfortable, and switch to something else.

    So, ask yourself this: do you want to achieve your health goals? Or do you want to be comfortable? Pick one.
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  5. birch Valued Senior Member

    Uh hello?? you are assuming much?? I look for difficult. I go for the pain of muscle exertion. If im not feeling it, i am bored and im wasting my time in a workout. I like pushing myself. Im a workout buff. Heh, thats exactly the point. The former machine was NOT comfortable. I would break a sweat in 5 minutes, the lifefitness it takes twenty to get there!!

    The thing about stepmills is it has to be built to emulate climbing of real stairs and the 'exertion' it requires. This is why i dont waste time on stairsteppers etc unless im just wanting to stretch some other muscles, they propel much of the motion for you and its much easier. When stepmills first came out, they were similar to previous stairsteppers in motion to which didnt give you a hard workout.

    Even trainers know that for the most bang for your cardiovascular buck is the treadmill and stepmill.

    The maxi stepmill emulated real stairs and the hard heavy exertion, denser to lift your knees up whereas some stepmills feel light in motion. Its one of those machines that has to incorporate amd tweak certain aspects to get it right.

    Workouts on maxi were thirty minute intervals, lifefitness is 20 minutes. Level 7 on maxi is level 10 on lifefitness but still evrn if i increase the speed, it doesnt emulate the heavy dense sense of gravity of having to pull up like maxi did.

    Oh well, i guess i will look at ufc gym and their octane brand..
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  7. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    You could go find some actual stairs.

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