Operating System(OS) Wars

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Stryder, Feb 14, 2014.


Which OS is better? (post version/build and any reason for your decision)

  1. Windows OS

    18 vote(s)
  2. Mac OS

    7 vote(s)
  3. Linux based OS

    21 vote(s)
  4. UNIX

    2 vote(s)
  5. Other

    4 vote(s)
  1. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Which in your humble opinion is the best Operating System? (Feel free to add definition of flavours or particular builds)

    You can include Operating system meant for computers (PC/Laptops) along with tablets and Smartphones.

    (Personally I use Windows 8.1, but I still prefer having a barebones FreeBSD system through commandline and/or terminal... something about the absence of bloatware running seems attractive)
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  3. leopold Valued Senior Member

    the one that allows you to create special needs programs.
    that's what i miss the most about BASIC.
    i had direct access to every screen pixel and HDD sector.
    windows really sucks in this regard.
    how do you go about creating a program that bids a 4 player spade hand with this piece of crap windows XP?
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  5. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I can't really put anything down because I've never used anything other than what I have.
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  7. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i found a 3 CD set of freeBSD amongst my CD-R collection.
    a boot disc and 2 install discs.
    i have a ratty old computer i might try it on.
  8. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I think you can rig it up to have a GUI, but I'm use to using the OS for running servers etc. (Incidentally on some old PC's linux can be a problem to install if the BIOS has VGA shadowing or Memory holes enabled, so if you have a problem during install you have to play around with them.)
  9. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    WIN 7 on 4 systems, WIN 8 on my laptop, IDK on my Kindle Fire HD tablet. 1 WIN 7 system - my primary backup machine - shares HD space with Ubuntu (which is currently stable

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    ) WIN 8 locks and crashes the laptop often as the Microsoft OS doesn't recognize the Microsoft signature on the Microsoft updates.

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    Oh yeah, and WIN 8 won't run Fallout 3.

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    I have a bunch expensive equipment, games and fancy software to run so I use WIN 7 as there is no acceptable alternative. No way will I even try to get a free version of Ubuntu to properly run my Epson wide format printer.

    Macs.....well, they just don't cut it IMHO.

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    Hi Cosmic, long time no see. :wave:
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i'm used to text based, that's all basic was when i used it.
  11. Username Registered Senior Member

    Windows 7 is my favored among operating systems. It is a stable OS and haven't had any problems with it. I have been using Windows 7 since its later beta versions prior to release. I have used Linux OS as well. I used Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, and a few others. Since they rely on an open community of developers to update and keep it running, I feel like they would not be stable versions for someone if they were to run a business, much less for personal use. As I have had a lot of problems using them from installs to loading new services, etc. On a business or Enterprise level, you have server OS that all cost money regardless of the OS. They all run about the same price. Since Windows has been in the game for awhile and put a lot of focus on community feedback when designing windows 7 I feel that it is the best choice amongst current operating systems.
  12. C C Consular Corps - "the backbone of diplomacy" Valued Senior Member

    Unless Win9 turns out to be a barnburner that lures away Win7 devotees, or is even more unpopular that its immediate predecessor...Then Win8 will apparently fill the old slot of Vista (as the Edsel of OS); and Win7 will be the new XP (the creature that won't die). Unlike the latter though, I wouldn't expect MS to extend support for Win7 a couple of extra years beyond its slated Jan-2020 demise. Their determination to finally terminate XP this April no matter what (even though it is still No.2 in worldwide usage) seems to indicate that they learned their lesson to try to force people to upgrade to an undesired version sooner, rather than intermittently giving-in or procrastinating until the last moment.
  13. Dysmania Registered Senior Member

    I have used all three of the major OS's. OSX, Windows and Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

    I am most impressed by Ubuntu for several reasons. First Ubuntu is extremely straight forward, simplistic and highly functional. Second, no bloatware, no idiotic prompts and can update all software on the machine with a single simple terminal command. Third, the software is compact and friendly for even the smallest SSD. No random software I won't need. As a result of the previous, the software runs extremely quickly.

    Windows. The only reason I still have windows on one of my machines is because I sadly have a video-game addiction. Too much bloatware, overly complicated.

    OSX. Great software, easy to use. I dislike the propriatary nature of Apple. Less control and progressively losing its' simplicity.
  14. acts78 Registered Member

    I used Windows from the start and so far no problem with them, never try linux but heard some good reviews about it.
  15. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    For me it's going to have to be WIN 7.

    I have WIN 8 on a laptop and it's almost caused me to slit my wrists. It will not allow me to remove it either

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    It's a NEC machine I bought in Japan and it has WIN 8 somehow linked into it's motherboard. It never shows the classic 'Windows' symbol, that's replaced with an NEC logo. It took me weeks to turn the OS for WIN 8 into English. Sure, the language pack seems easy enough - but that's not going to change the OS into English. Not that I needed to at that point - but the fact it wrote many words in Japanese. You know words like パスワード started to taunt me. Anyway, I finally turned the whole f*cker into English. I was sooooooo happy with myself. Then I updated to 8.1.

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    When I updated into WIN 8.1 it reverted to Japanese and entered an infinity loop whereby it would not download the English language pack or any other tricks needed to turn the OS in itself into English. I even got so desperate I called M$ and got to a level 2 engineer who said - sorry sucker.


    I'm not giving up!

    Also, the UEFI seems a bit off...... I swear, at times, it's watching me.....
  16. psikeyhackr Live Long and Suffer Valued Senior Member

    They all suck in different ways but I use Ubuntu the most but I am still at 10.04. I installed 12.04 on another machine just to try it but they just screwed up the interface for nothing.

    Computers have gotten like cars. Not really improvements just mostly useless variations to keep people interested in eternally UPGRADING.

    I have a Linux book from 2001 that talks about the planned obsolescence of software. I was surprised that a book mentioned it but not that it would happen. The technology is being manipulated for the money. Some improvements do happen but nowhere near as many as all of this blather about Innovation would have us believe.

  17. pdidyking Registered Member

    I believe Android/Linux (with strong support from Google) is starting to become a solid OS for mobile devices. Nowadays it's all about mobile computing. Even though laptops are "mobile", typically people prefer to surf the web and do other things on their phone than on their desk/laptop. Though I do believe Android is nowhere near a full desktop experience (yes, I've seen hybrid tablets with keyboards looking like net-books but it's not the same) . When the day comes where I can sync my android phone with my "android" laptop, that would be a crazy day!

    I don't like Mac OS because (within my preferences) there is not enough customization (same with iOS). In totality the OS's from Apple are great and simple and intuitive but there is not enough customization.

    Right now I am using Windows 7. I'd never update to 8 because my computer doesn't have a touch screen and the metro UI...the whole thing is pretty retarded.

    Linux is great for programming (i'm a comp. sci. major) and other nifty stuff but it isn't very compatible with a lot of games and social media programs etc.

    I believe android in the future will be the sweet spot. It is extremely customizable (well the most customizable os now) and the OS overall is more efficient than before(with memory management and I/O's). I'm just waiting till Google starts making an OS that is similar to android so all that sync stuff can happen!
  18. Markwinstanley Registered Member

    Windows 7 good for me. I have not try other os yet so i voted for windows 7. Xp is good for gaming on low end pc.
  19. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    It prolly dont get more barebones than a Chromebook... but you just open it up... 7 seconds later you'r ready to serf the net... an it just keeps workn grate wit no effort.!!!
  20. Sylvester Registered Senior Member

    Chromebooks are really cool, they take some time to get used to. Interestingly enough Amazons Kindle has awesome progams to run as far as small utility type programs and Prime streaming is a plus and i got it for free from optimum many years ago. Kindle uses...what is it Android OS? I am not really up on smart phones OS's though...ah, i digress. I agree that Chromebook should be added and tbh, i dont even know what they call their OS...what is it chromium? oh also, amazon has the audiobooks and i listen to them often. I love cloud computing and first time i tried WiFi i almost passed out from the sheer awe of it all. WiFi totally amazed me and threw me for a loop.

    So yeah, my favorite OS? Well that would be OS X. Yes...Yes, i said it. It has BSD blood line and honestly i could not figure out BSD to install it and my days of command line are OVER since Win three one or specifically WFW. OS X will always be my favorite OS and after that Win 7. I actually think Win 7 and OS X are comparable. Never used Win 8. But i am smart enough to know that the new technology Windows was implementing for the simple fact thaey included touch screen would throw a wrench into the OS formerly know as Win 7...a great OS in its own right.

    Linux, i have used often and it is fine...well it is the native OS of servers that serve us pages off this thing we call the WWW.

    How about some long forgotten OS's that broke ground for what we see today? Amiga abd BeOs anyone? I used BeOS for awhile and i really dont know what happened there but i think they had the first 64Bit OS.


    Really, the best OS runs the programs you want to use so i have no loyalty or am not confined to one OS. I buy all my programs since i support the small programmers and just LOVE the technology of it all. For a gamer Win 7 seems to be a safe bet. The way i look at it is OS X is a luxury Mercedes and Windows is more utilitarian and i can get under the hood and tweak to my hearts content. Thing about Windows that people forget is that it has multitudes of people writing software that can break it so it gets a bad rap and undeservedly so. Then you have that ole chestnut called a registry.

    I agree with Shrider, BSD is the cream of the crop back line OS...BUT i like GUI's. so...um, yeah give me a cup of OS X and that would suffice. I'm old school and its funny 'cause i remember telling people...OK, like theres this thing called the internet and its like WOW...and when i would tell my friends they would say "oh, your a weirdo" And today those same peeps have their noses in their smart phones and FB everything. Well no big deal.

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  21. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Its called "Chrome OS".!!!

    It was my first computer (less than a year ago) so ther was no extra gettin used to it... it updates itself aganst worms an bugs... etc... an i got a printer for it (my first) about 7 mounths ago

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    Im pluged into the power supply so i dont use the battery... an i also use ethernet an dont use the WiFi... but its thar in case i ever do need it.!!!

    I just have a Dum-phone wit no internet or textin ($9 a mounth) an i dont do Facebook... but i finaly got a computer to help me sign up for Obamacare

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  22. Sylvester Registered Senior Member

    oh, you for real then. I thought you were playing a character. See how jaded i have become? 1992...those were the days. The internet was the wild west. Who can forget those midi lace pages with the blood dripping gif? But...i digress.

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    You should try google spell checker. It the best out there, imop. Does you version have spell check? Do you have even have right click on chrome?

    What does right click do?

    Do you see red squiggle lines under some of you words?
  23. Sylvester Registered Senior Member

    I remember telling everyone "hey um, theres this os called BeOs and it's gonna be the greatest thing out there"...I am an expert at NetWare too.

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