Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Orleander, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Aivar A.R. Registered Senior Member

    couldn't it just be an "either/or" thing?

    And what wasted most time in those five pages... Enmos' (yes, yours, not Orleander's. You kept bringing it up and trying to get her to reply to that) obsession with the definition of "disgusting".

    Geez, it was "physically, morally or aesthetically." Aesthetic is the sense of beauty. A corpse and then the idea of fucking it... not so aesthetic. I'd say if it can also be described as "ewwww", then "disgusting" means aesthetically offensive. The most common use for "disgusting". Moral taste is not so common anyway.

    Now, it could be considered offensive to moral taste, if the first word that pops to mind is "desecration" or something. Rape of a person's memory or value.

    There, got my points made.

    About necrophilia... umm... I don't think I know any of them. No way to say they're likely to become serial killers. You can't make those statistics. Mental issues are almost bound to be present, of course. So I guess the morality of the deed depends on what the "victim" would think (would have thought) about it. Other words, it's all about consent.
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  3. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    How many corpses desecrated by necropliliacs gave consent during their life you think ? And if asked how many people would give consent ?
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  5. Fugu-dono Scholar Of Shen Zhou Registered Senior Member

    I beg to differ... though you're right that vamps are much better. Just that zombies are sooo much more exploitable.

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  7. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    I think this might be a still from Peter Jackson's Braindead.
    One of the funniest films ever made.
  8. Xevious Truth Beyond Logic Registered Senior Member

    That is not logical. Drinking milk is considered a normal behavior. There is a reason that taboos on such things develop in society. Having a "club" for this behavior is to condone it. If it has been linked (and it has been) to be a pattern of distructive behavior then it is in societies interest to prevent it and intervene before this sick obsession becomes something far more dangerous. Stealing a corpse is illigal and has separate penalties from other forms of theft. Having sex with a corpse might not have a direct legal penalty but it certanly has weight in the minds of judges and juries. Pedophilia is treated the same way... as are other things, for good reasons.

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