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Should we organize discussions of President Trump into megathreads?

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Just out of curiosity, if we tried to clean up Politics a little by organizing the bazillion Trumptacular threads into megathreads ....

(1) Well, okay, should we? [Poll question]

(2) How would we want to organize those?​

Thank ye.
Yes! On second though perhaps we should erradicate them all...afterall Trump is now [or will be soon] an irrelevancy.
Which was climbing even when Obama was still in power..

The boost comes from Trump's promises to cut corporate taxes. Don't expect it to last though, as Trump's bully tactics to force companies to remain in the US and not open factories in other countries or face huge tariffs, will lead to that going down.

If he keeps going as he is, passing blame to others, building "the wall" (the cost blowout is already insanely huge), his desire to build more nuclear bombs, his promise to build bigger and better roads and infrastructure that will probably bankrupt you further, his spending $11 million in a month in travel expenses, his attempts to abolish health care for millions of people without a replacement, his immigration bans, to name a few, will affect your economy and not positively.

His promises.. Hmm..

Like his promises to not leave the White House very much, because there's so much work to be done, and he's out flying to Florida every weekend to play golf? Or how about his promises to release his tax returns if elected and he's not doing that either.. His promises to divest himself of his business interests? Nope, not doing that too. His promises to respect the Constitution and is instead, curtailing people's constitutional rights? Want me to go on?

Oh we are seeing something, alright. Not to mention smelling it. It's BS. Pure BS.

The truth, youreyes, is that your President is a hack. A lackey to the ultra right and his corporate interests. People such as yourself do not even factor into any equation in regards to what promises he makes or keeps or breaks. The bottom line is Trump is only interested in Trump. Hence why he uses his position to plug his and his children's business interests. And the worst thing is that you, the tax payer, happens to be paying for it. Even worse than that, you lap it up like a kitten laps up milk. You drank the kool aid. So yes, the DJI is up, because the people Trump is doing everything to protect, are the only ones to gain from it. When the costs of goods and services rise, as it all will, when his tariffs against other companies and countries come into play, you can all toast him with your kool aid.. If you can afford to buy it that is. Because kool aid is manufactured in Mexico.. So an American company making stuff in Mexico could face a huge tariff to sell it in the US.. Welcome to #MAGA.

One admission that I should make on this topic is that President Obama handled the economic crisis of 2008 to 2010 a lot better than I suspect that President John McCain and V. P. Palin might have done but....... I admit it... in 2008 if I had been a USA citizen I would almost certainly have voted for McCain / Palin.