[Interactive Story] : Finals

Who should win the Sciforums<SUP>TM</SUP> Mug?

  • Patman's - Family Values tour 2021

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  • Pragmathen's - Untitled Entry

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  • Shrike's - Tachnet Entry

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  • Merlijn's - Adverts for thought provocation

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Oh I will enjoy the mug

It's high time I start organizing a parade in the bowels of NYC. Anyone have a convertible? Who knows the number for the Rockettes? I'll start passing out confetti to all the people that live in the nearby apartments. I think near the Natural History Museum would be good, maybe we could promote the sciforums there.
Shrike...Congratulations with the winning of the contest.

May you enjoy the mug, for it is a nice one.
You can think of Sciforums every time you drink and reply at the same time.;)

It really is a nice mug to look at. Perhaps I do want one for my morning coffee also...

Give yourself a big hug from me Shrike.:p