[Interactive Story] : Finals

Who should win the Sciforums<SUP>TM</SUP> Mug?

  • Patman's - Family Values tour 2021

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  • Pragmathen's - Untitled Entry

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  • Shrike's - Tachnet Entry

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  • Merlijn's - Adverts for thought provocation

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Okay the response to the interactive story wasn't stupendous but it was enough to get some good stories and a clever thought provoker, it's now up to the Sciforums populous to decide who wins the SCIFORUMS <SUP>TM</SUP> Mug

So heres what you do:

First read or look at the contents of the [Interactive story] thread

Then select the person you vote for to win (You will notice I've kept myself out of votes as it would be unfair.) The final selection will be the person who has the most votes.

I ask everyone not to cheat for fairness, so no vote rigging, as if it occurs.. the mug is going to end up in the hands of another victor.

Once this is complete, I'll announce the winner and somehow sort out how to get the mug to you :D Free of charges.
How come Stryde's name is not there? My magnetic cars are being produced by GMC, Ford, Lotus (China)....and I just came back from one of my meetings in Marriot Hotel in orbit....

I had to keep myself out otherwise I might of won the very prize I intend to give away. (this is no small feat, as I would probably be best keeping the cash, but It's just one of those random acts of generousity. Just don't ask me for money or to buy encyclopedia's)

To Help Porfiry I would say everyone should donate a Sciforums article as a prize of their choosing, of course you might all dismiss that since it's at price to you for something you don't recieve, but then you can feel or warm and cosy knowing you did something that was kind an generous (and you can walk past people that rattle tins for cash knowing you've done at least one thing!)

I just might fork out for another if this works out okay (although it's delivery might just miss christmas, which I was trying to aim for :rolleyes: )
It wouldn't be too cool if I voted, so I think I'll just sit in the corner and watch the events unfold.
Well, I just found the Topic, but I've read the stories and voted.;)

Great idea Stryder. Go on please with this. Perhaps we can help Porfiry a little to keep his good works at Sciforums running.:)
stryde when does the contest end?

I'm thinking now about establishing one of my own that hands out a good deal of the mugs to support porfiry, but I don't want to copy ya stryde, hmmmm, maybe a drawing contest or something. Then bebelina would win, though. Have you seen her website? Crimney.
I believe the poll closes on the 7th (on the 30th of November I set the poll to close in 8 days)

as for the idea, well your not copying me. after all you mentioned to Porfiry about the idea, and I thought "well I could spare the cash for a mug, I might as well put the prize up!"
This way Porfiry gets some cash for that mug, and a contest gets to be had by all.

I shall write something in the Suggestions Category under either the old suggestion for contests or a new one. (I'll pm you the URL then)

Then we can discuss the rules, and time limits, as this was really a trial, I think my time limit was too long, perhaps I should have shortened it to a month or a month and a half etc.
If there is to be a drawing contest ... count me in. I also know how to draw (though completely different style then Bebelina). My website is still under construction though... you understand.
Stryder, I really like the idea of a drawing contest.

Doesn't matter who wins, but I can draw too, in a different way, but I can draw pretty well, to humbly say so myself.;) :)

What about it? All for Porfiry and Sciforums. Just like drawing very much.
Please, drawing contest...
Looks like this supports my hunch that intelligence and creativity go hand in hand ;)
(as if this is proof HA!)
I'm going to wait until this contest is over before I establish a new one, I'm thinking maybe three first prize winners, each recieving a mug?

Are you guys talking about animation and drawing you'd do on a computer or something you'd scan and post? I think I'd probably accept both. What do YOU think?
craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap, I was using the same comp as dividivad. Goshdarnit. Well anyhoo that was me who just posted.
Making animations at the computer?? No, just drawing by hand as it belongs...:)

Drawing by computer is not drawing by my means. Just by crayons and ink and paint. Whatever, but by hand not computer.

Guess it has to be scanned then yes. How can we send it in another way?

Any ideas on that one?

Good point.

Didn't think of it till now. But it can be scanned if you need that to be done. Can't think of another way to get it at Stryders then to scan it...

Stryder...suggestions here please.;)
For some days now, nothing has changed in the polls.
I may just have a chance of winnign by placing a new post, which will put this thread on top of the page again. :D
Well, I voted already and you can only vote once. If not so, I would vote another time, especially to you Merlijn.;)

I have been looking at the thread Stryder created, but I am the last one who posted there...

Don't have a story to tell, do want to help with the votes and so on and try to sort it out. (if I am capable to do so)

I really want a drawing contest. Then I can join the contest itself, much more nicer to do...:)

Love to draw...

Okay Shrike wins, the polls closed.. Now I've got to do the real fun part the administration of getting Shrike his wonderful SCIFORUMS<SUP>TM</SUP> MUG and may he enjoy it's beauty.