«Don't play with fire, play with sciforums.»

«See you at German quote signs.»
«German quote signs, whiter than the whitest!»
«The Future of German quote signs.»
«German quote signs forever.»
«The goddess made lol.»
«lol it's a kind of magic.»
«lol - go for it!»
«Halleluja, it's a Zephyr.»
«Zephyr is back.»
«I'd do anything for Zephyr.»
«Are you ready for Zephyr?»
"oscar nonstop" :D

"Inspired by confusoid." - more like "Confusoided"
"The goddess made confusoid" - damn right she did!
"confusoid, it's as simple as that!" - huh?
"No need to worry with confusoid" - hmmm, really?
"Praise confusoid" - hells yeah!
"confusoid - enjoy the difference" - and what would that be?
«confusoidrific.» aha, top this!

And for the Universal Truth: "There's a bit of confusoid in all of us." ;)

This site is as fun as googlism.com :)
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«Toe fungus forever.»
«I lost weight with Toe fungus.»
«Toe fungus, the freshmaker.»
«I trust Toe fungus.»
«Discover the world of Toe fungus.»
«I'd walk a mile for Toe fungus.»
«Oh my gods, it's a Toe fungus.»
«Toe fungus for me!»
«Toe fungus for your kids!»
«Toe fungus never sleeps.»
«Toe fungus will do anything for you.»
«It's not a dream. Toe fungus is real!»
«Toe fungus groove.»
«Toe fungus - be ready.»
«Endless possibilities with Toe fungus.»
«Toe fungus, stay in touch.»
«Where's your Toe fungus?»
«And on the eighth day, god created Toe fungus.»

Soooo much fun!
«My death, your death, death for all! »
«3... 2... 1... death.»
«death, in touch with tomorrow.»
«I quit smoking with death.»
«death takes good care of you.»
«death is forever.»
«Jesus loves death.»
«Up, up and away with death.»
«Go to heaven with death.»
«Don't forget your death.»
«You can't stop death.»
My sciforums favorite is this one:
«sciforums on the outside, tasty on the inside.»

My favorite one is: «God made TruthSeeker.» :D
No j/k! http://www.sloganizer.net/en/

EDIT: Dammit! I tried to post an attachment but got this message:

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Anyways... :(
life within us, death within us, life within life, death within death, us within us
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«Jesus, your specialist.» :D
«Praise Flying Spaghety Monster.»
«Think tits.»