«Don't play with fire, play with sciforums.»


the sea
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Found this http:


«Don't play with fire, play with sciforums.»

«Things go better with intelligent community.»

«water is better than chocolate.»

«I wish I had a gendanken.»
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sex for the masses
revolution, there's no better way.
Don't mess with gold

nice site
«And on the eighth day, god created kenworth.»

was actually the name of my first bands album except instead of kenworth it was crumpet.weird.
«Buy Humanity now!»

«Humanity - One name. One legend.»

«Humanity - The Revolution.»

«You don't want Hapsburg as your enemy!»

«Hapsburg, love it or leave it.»

«Hapsburg is my sport.»

«Hapsburg is the only way to be happy.»

«Pure Hapsburg. Pure Power.»
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<< feel good with james r. >>

<< james r. brings out the best >>

<< praise james r. >>

<< james r., i want it all >>

<< james r. loves you >>
«Who wouldn't fight for Cottontop3000?»

«Anyone can handle Cottontop3000.»

«Once Cottontop3000, always Cottontop3000.»

«hhmmmmm... Cottontop3000.»

«Cottontop3000 - Think different.» LOL
«Funky spuriousmonkey shit.»
«World's finest spuriousmonkey shit.»
«You better get your spuriousmonkey shit out.»
«spuriousmonkey shit makes dreams come true.»
«spuriousmonkey shit, it's as simple as that!»

and I am finishing with:

«I wish i was a spuriousmonkey shit.»
«pussy - empowering people.»
«pussy extra dry.»
«pussy? Yes please.»
«pussy, i want it all.»
«pussy - now!»
<< who wouldn't fight for sex toys >>

<< sex toys for you >>

<< don't play with fire, play with sex toys >>

<< with a name like sex toys it has to be good >>

<< sex toys for the masses >>

<< sex toys-get ready >>
«atheism for your life.»
«Kick ass with atheism!»
«atheism takes good care of you.»
«All you need is atheism.»
«Be inspired by atheism.»
«The Power of atheism.»
«You don't want atheism as your enemy!»