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invert_nexus's avatar.
The correct title of this article is bathtub intellectual. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

invert_nexus is a member of SciForums and the moderator of Art & Culture and Ethics, Morality, & Justice.

He lives in Kansas or some other flyover state. Upset that his geographical region is so vanilla that statisticians exlude it when running ANOVA tests, frustrated with his illiterate blue-collar colleagues, he turns to Sciforums to show off his shiny intellect and hopes to find a kindred soul. Of course, this has never happened.

Most of this amounts to lamenting the end of Sciforums' glory days and promising to contribute meaningful content, when he has time.

When Sciforums had problems with funding invert_nexus several times expressed his interest in buying Sciforums, however Porfiry didn't think it to be such a good idea.

He likes Frank Zappa, and most believe him to be at least somewhat homosexual.

His entry into sciforums was done with his characteristic modesty[1].

"I am a newbie here, this is my first post. ... I've noticed a number of threads, as have many of you i'm sure, whose authors don't really seem to understand what science is."


  • invert_nexus loves to have pornography rammed up his inbox.
  • invert_nexus likes to read one-handed in the bath, dressed only in his top-hat.[2]
  • invert_nexus has just been added to the Cuckoo List. How my strange, impossibly lovely, acerbic friend managed to avoid this eventuality for so long I can only speculate upon.
  • invert_nexus resembles John Lennon and is a stud.
  • invert_nexus eschews sexual relations and prefers the greater dignity of external fertilization. If one must.