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To Connery: verb.

Connery refers to the art of speaking in a loose slur of the "s" shound when speaking or writing, so that the overall effect is that of a drunken Edinburghian git. The term originates with the actor, Sean Connery, who is in fact a drunken Edinburghian git. A loose approximation of this...er..."accent" would be:

"Alexsh, your mother'sh a whore."

Among the masters of this peculiar...dialect?...is GeoffP. Or so he thinks.

Connerying can be used to reduce almost any female in earshot to shuddering insensibility, at which point one's way with the female may then be taken for mating purposes. Unaffected females are typically given the pimp hand by the originator of the idiom.

This has led more recently to a change in usage of the verb. Regularly at the watercooler at work you can now hear people say: "I conneried some sense into my wife".

Famous Conneryists or Conneryologists on SciForums

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