Rokkon's Shadow

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Rokkon's Shadow: A Modern day parable

Rokkon is a Sciforums user that has in the past contributed with such things as "Rokkon's Rules".

However Rokkon one day found in the About the members section something that shocked and horrified him, a post that he couldn't understand being there called Rokkon explained. With this post he felt the moderators were out to get him, he felt the whole world was coming at him from every angle to harass him, to be little him. His existance was question, he even thought of suicide to deal with all the issues that mounted up.

Littled did Rokkon realise that the Sciforums Moderators and Administrators were in deep debate, There was concern that he might go and do something stupid that nobody wants to see happen and his thread in About the members surfacing at first looked like a moderator had outstepped their powers and launched a full assault of a personal attack.

It wasn't until things started being analysed that a greater picture emerged, the post dated from 12-30-06 and the moderators that people were probing at for misuse had done their edit on: 02-01-07.

Rokkon had posted his disgust at this outrageous thread which was now months old. 07-18-07

Rokkon however hadn't looked closely at who the poster was that had started the thread.... It was Rokkon. He'd scared himself with his own shadow (an old post).


Moderators couldn't create a thread using someone elses username and even if they could all the dates would have read as recent, not old. The only people that could do that would have to have access to the database and that itself is an awful lot of hacking about just to wind up poor little Rokkon.

The Moral

"Don't be too quick to judge."

This moral reflects how quickly people rallied in support of a Civil war against the fascist dictator moderators, which hadn't actually done anything.

[Rokkon, should you find this anecdote which is now a piece of sciforums history upsetting either tell me or edit yourself ;)] - Stryder