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A pit is a type of hole, usually having considerable depth and relative amount of roundness in diameter.

Also a misspelling of the name Pitt.

Technical definition of pit

There has been much debate over the technical definition of a pit. This debate is mainly due to the fact that a true definition for them has been relatively nebulous to date. There were no restrictions on size, shape, or depth. The term pit was loosely thrown around during instances where the hole or depression in question was more of a dip. Others thought it proper to refer to certain trenches as pits, and well as some of the smaller valleys.
Debate escalated in 1956 when construction workers began arguing over whether or not the giant hole they made in the ground should be called a pit or a ditch (many argued "ditch" due to the fact shovels were used during the process).

The final definition for pit was permanently established in 1963 by the International Hole, Passage, and Crevice Society. The original draft proposal suggested they be called dwarf craters, but instead settled on keeping the term but with stricter constraints within its definition:

  • A pit is shaped like a hole, or at least relatively round-ish. A pit can also be perfectly square or rectangular.
  • A pit is always big enough for objects or people to either be thrown, or fall into it.
  • A pit can be of any depth (including infinite)
  • A pit always has a bottom or floor, except in such cases where it's a bottomless pit
  • A pit always has a single entrance, and does not have an exit on the other end.
  • A pit always goes down, but the angle is irrelevant.
  • The tools used to create a pit are irrelevant to it's definition, except in such instances a tool explicitly used to make it is called 'pit-maker', and that tool explicitly makes IHPCS compliant pits.
  • The contents of the pit are irrelevant to it's definition, except in instances where the hole is filled to the top with a fluid.....or possibly tar, snakes, or alligators. If filled halfway or less, then it's still a pit.


Pit is also the term used to define the seed-area at the centers of various kinds of fruit.

Life is the pits.

Pit Bull terriers should be thrown into bottomless pits.

The Devil likes pits