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A moderator — often abbreviated to mod — is a user of a forum that has many special privileges, including the ability to edit, delete, and move posts and threads in the subforum they're assigned to.

Moderators and Fascism

Moderators are often associated with National Socialism (Nazism) and Fascism.
A moderator

Moderator types

The Nazi Moderator

The Nazi moderator is a strict leader. His own views are more important than others and he uses his moderator powers to surpress members that post disagreeable content. He also demands total respect for his Führership.

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The Invisible Moderator

The invisible moderator works in the shadows. You hardly notice he is there. This type is not to be confused with the absent moderator.

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The Absent Moderator

The absent moderator once was active but have found other interests. Although his name is still on the moderator list he is never seen. Occasionally he might return for a day or two.

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The Politically Correct Moderator

The politically correct moderator has reasonable leftish political viewpoints and fights against politically incorrect subjects such as racism and homophobia. On paper he is the worst enemy of the rightwing extremist poster were it not for the fact that it is politically incorrect to discriminate against these retards. Hence their views are allowed.

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The Time Bomb Moderator

This moderator is usually selected for moderator duties at a whim or after popular demand. Usually the smart forum members already make objections to this particular selection of a mod but their worries are written off casually. After some time this new moderator explodes doing something that makes you think, "was that really necessary", leaving a mess. The moderator in question is quickly banned till the administration makes the same mistake a few months later.

SciForums Moderators

A list of present SciForums's mods updated to the femto-second can be found here: here.

Members who were once moderators but aren't any more are called Ex-moderators, and a list of those unholy denizens can be found at that article.

How to Become a Moderator

Got K-Y and/or a suppressible gag reflex? Keep on schmoozing', you might make it!

Assuming you've already kissed a lot of ass and haven't gotten anywhere, you can also try to ascend from your inferior user status by successfully passing SciForums trial of ascension.