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http://home.comcast.net/~infinitycrops/radiation.gif WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS RADIOACTIVITY.
Anyone wishing to avoid a lethal dose should view with caution.
Ex-Moderators ElectricFetus, (Q) and others planning

hostile take over of the forum

Ex-moderators of Sciforum are former moderators who fell from grace and their godliness positions as moderators to become hideous, evil, bat winged, horned, monstrosities known as ex-moderator.

Ex-moderators fell from grace for many varied reason, but claims that some resigned freely are gross exaggerations as no one would leave a position as prestigious as power over a one or more small sub-forum of a still small forum group in the middle of an internet sea of forums, with no pay and constant ridicule from members of corruption and nazism. The true reason for leaving our:

  • Actually was caught being corrupt, power hungry, and an idiots (in the case of Electricfetus)
  • Was labeled a "Suppressive Person" and was disconnected from the organization.
  • Was caught huffing paint instead of snorting cocaine like any respectable moderator would.

Ex-moderators exist in a horrible flaming place deep underground were they burn for all eternity. It is here they plot the eventual take over of the sciforum and mass feasting on the souls of the members.

List of the Damed