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McDonalds is an outlet selling disease and lard in a bun, and if you're lucky, you may get some meat. It is the staple diet of the obese. It is the number one export from the greatest cultural empire the World has ever known.


McDonalds deliberately targets children in their advertisements and their food menus in order to make them fast food addicts and make as much profit as possible.


  • Loveable clown and McDonalds frontman Ronald MacDonald is not a convicted paedophile.
  • A glass of water from McDonalds contains more fat than a Big-Mac.
  • McDonalds do not sell glasses of water anymore, due to the above revelation.
  • McDonalds milkshakes are rumoured to be made from concentrated slaked lime.
  • Each Big Mac contains enough nutritional goodness to paralyze a herd of African elephants.
  • McDonalds are one of the least litigious companies in the known universe. Hence we can say whatever the Hell we like about them here without any fear whatsoever of a crippling lawsuit.
  • McDonalds are one of the least litigious companies in the known universe because all the rumours are in fact true.
  • McDonalds claimed that there was no frenchmen in their French fries. Till it was shown that there is.