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The matrix is a science fiction film where robots have taken over the world and taken humanity hostage as biological batteries. Although this is impossible (it costs more energy to feed a human than you will get out of it) this film was a great success leading to two sequels which sucked beyond belief. Many left the theatre wondering if what they saw was real. I mean how could something promise so much, only to suck so terribly? Maybe the Matrix was the movie.

Negative side effects of the matrix

Humanity is a virus

The 'humanity is a virus' meme has exploded on the internet. People who utter it on internet forums think it is an original idea because only they have seen the film the Matrix, which is remarkable regarding the box office success of said film.

Nerds in Neo coats

Soon after this film many nerds and dorks started to wear the typical coat Neo was wearing in the Matrix, long and black. Although the coat looked good on a hollywood actor, it looks rather unattractive on nerds and dorks, giving you the feeling that you want to laugh and vomit at the same time.