25th Century

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The Future can be predicted.

25th Century will be an epic of the human civilization and its greatest catastrophe. Simply, it will be discovered that in order to escape Solar System gravitational field to reach other systems the spaceships must use an amount of energy greater than the expenditure of the nuclear fission process needs of entire civilization for a day. As for the great news, the corpses of Voyager 1 and 2 will be found floating amongst the asteroid belt beyond a dwarf planet called Pluto.
It seems that many wanted a different 25th century, an age were humans would have traveled to other galaxies...perhaps other worlds, but World War III of the 21-22nd century stalled our progress and even though we managed to expand to Jupiter moons, Earth moon, and planet Mars...the rest of the solar system was as never before uncharted and unfelt. 25th Century became the true Space Age Era...were for once spaceship was sent on the outskirts of Solar System and has left it for Alpha Centauri system.
Of course only in 27th Century will we hear from them oncemore...but until than the world will go on. It will expand just as when it was in the silent lullaby 20th century.


  • It was sometime within the last 10 years of the 25th century that Buck Rogers is finally thawed from his cryogenic sleep. He saves the Earth as well as most of the nearby planets that have been colonized by humans.