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I bought a zune, and I can't get it to organize my music the way I want it organized. It organizes it in the most fucked up stupid chaotic way possible. Anyone know how to fix this or deal with it.
Zune ?

Hrm let me look that up ;)

Ok, it's a multimedia player. Looks cool.


Sorry can't help you though.
Yeah, you have to download that software and use it to put the music onto the zune, but the software SUX!!! Because of the shitty software, I accidentally deleted half of my music collection! I got it all back, but when you move the music to the zune, it doesn't keep it organized the way it is organized on your computer. Its totally chaotic and random, and IT SUX!!!
skaught, I too experienced this but on my home PC. I now use iTunes organize my music then merely foobar to play it. Things work better that way. I'd have iTunes organize it first then copy that over to the Zune, however...

It sounds like Zune organizes the songs for you upon copy, so if there's a way to disable this try it. Otherwise you will be stuck until you find someone that knows about a Zune (not me).

I just finished organizing my songs and let me tell ya, ummm no more ever ever ever... why you ask? Try embedding artwork from itunes and various places online into 1902 songs, insanity... Now really I bought most of that through iTunes and artwork was there already. But for stuff that wasn't and iTunes couldn't get artwork for (anime cds, etc) I had to scan the covers myself :| and embedd + straighten........

Screw that! I'm done, it was way way to long to do, years.... got enough and am done.
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