Zen Cosmos Revised( Zen = Mahayanna{ big boat/cosmos? }

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by rr6, May 31, 2013.

  1. rr6 Banned Banned

    Holy cow, this information/topic, in a slightly less informative content form, was sent to the "cesspool" because someone could not understand it. Ha, if all the posts around here that is not understood by 98% percent of readers was placed in "cesspool" we would have to call the pumper truck on a regular basis to clean-out the file...

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    Macho trolls shoot first and do not ask intelligen--t or at least sincere questions from the heart ---when they see something they do not understand, or find to be to differrrent. And my guess this gives them a belly ache. imho I dunno.

    <(O)> = non-occupied space + occupied space

    <> = macro-infinite non-occupied space

    O = occupied space

    ( ) = gravitational spacetime

    Z = diagonal/spiral pattern---diagaonals are common to stablizing any structure found on Earth and especially those built by humans

    V = viewpoint/angle-of-viewpoint pattern aka observer with one incoming and one outgoing set

    ^v = sine-wave frequency aka Alternating current( see photon )

    W or M = DC frequency aka direct current( see electron )

    <----- = dimension-of-mind---see Rod Serlings Twilight Zone-- "a dimension-of-mind and imagination"

    @/ = idea/concept/metaphysical mind/intelligence

    @(--)@ = biological with access to complex mind/intelligence

    (--) = biological with less access to complex mind/intelligence

    (-) = virus with either RNA or DNA never both

    (O) =toroidal tube/cylinder---neural tube/canal(?)--see gastrulation phase of fertilized egg inverting to form a tube

    ( (-) ) = toroidal(?) tube with an axis---see spinal axis of simple worm/nematode

    ( Z( )Z) = tube with spiral surface pattern
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    You think that drawing a few emoticons and labelling them with scientific-sounding terms amounts to content?
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  5. rr6 Banned Banned

    Scientific Sounding vs Scientific

    Hi James, can you please explain to the definition of a "scientific sounding term" vs a scientific term and more so in regards to my specific statements, as given. Thx

    Perhaps we could start at the top or just cherry pickem. Also I'm not sure but I think there is a differrence between a true emoticon, and my home-made text-a-graphs or texto-graphics or texti-cons etc.....

    As for content, well, provided there is no differrence from a scientific term and a scientific sounding term, and provided there may actually be readers here that do not know everything, I would say there is some information content in my post.

    I'm in a "fringe" topic forum and certainly not making any specific claims regarding any great or extraordinary science either. I think some of what this post is, for those not to set in their ways, is to just step outside of the normal trains of thought of the given subject matter, and see in from a differrent perspective.

    Again, if everybody here is know-it-all, then that means they have seen every possible perspective there is to know, view or ponder/consider, and in that case i would just be repeating old hat, old well knowns etc....

    I think there is plenty of well knowns that do get repeated here and other forums. For me, and I think for most, we actually like to see something that is new, differrent fresh etc.....exc Weinstiens "14D Oberverse", the surfer dude Garretts ideas when they came out.

    Also James, I think I found the post with missing first quote and added it and three links to subject matter. Sorry I could not find the link to actual article I posted. I think it came from one of those pay to read it type places.

    I understand not wanting gibberish, and just plain nonsense to become rampant amongest too many posters. The problem I have with those who never ask a question, in regards to anything I've posted, and immediately jump onto the gibberish wagon, is just posting gibberish. imho.

    I say that because, no where, has anyone overed any logical rational statements that in fact invalidate 99% of my givens as stated. Even some if not most of my speculations can specifically be stated as gibberish, if know one knows if their correct or incorrect, as is the case with a fair amount of science over the years.

    I have encountered true gibberish in groups and forums. I know it was gibberish becuase the more I question what exactly they were saying the more convoluted and more evasive they became towards actually answer questions to specifics of their statements.

    I've also encountered a lot of equations and formula that I had and never will have any idea if it is correct, partly correct or, partly correct and partly gibberrish or total gibberish.

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    I swear, since I have been here, I believe there I've received a 3 or 4 to one ratio of trolls assigning a generalized "gibberish" label to my posts gibberish with only one--- whom I had already written off as a insincerre troll ---asking one single seemingly sincere question of a specific statement by me.

    Of that 3 or 4 to 1 ratio, one asked questions but continually made false inference of my comments as stated i.e. they infer i stated this or that when my post is there for reference clearly makes no such statement as they suggest or infer or imply.

    So here i am, with a Zen Cosmos topic in the fringe catagory waiting for a question to any specific statements by me, that someone does not understand but would like to understand, better, what I mean or at least try and find out where i'm coming from with my ideas, as given in text and texti-cons....

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    and the supplied/available emoticons, that usuall occur after a comment, whereas my texti-cons seem to me, to most appear before a statement, generally speaking.

    Thx for your question James. I hope I have offerred a fair and decent reply. Sorry about all the additional stuff. Seemed to me --instinctually or instinksually ---a good time to get it out in the open, off my chest and on the table. Certainly not expecting a response to most of the additional parts.

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  7. rr6 Banned Banned

    Space-time Intervals associated with Primary 4( quadra-pedic )

    ^v^v ergo the bilateral, double sine-wave, of EMRadiation, has four amplitude points of directional change--- plus two terminal end points --- Complex humans, cetaceans and fish have four primary appendages for changing direction.

    Fullers jitterbug toy model infolds to the basic/fundmental body plan of the most complex biologicals we know to exist in our finite Universe.

    ^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^ = double-sine wave repeating as EMRadiation aka photonic pathway/trajectory or linear set of photons.

    My feeling is, that the photons amplitude peaks and change of direction is partially due to reaching a gravitational membrane, that embraces, contains and coheres all photons from escaping into a true nothing ergo the destroying of energy ergo a violation of cosmic law, as discovered by humans.

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. At best Universe comes to a repeating phase/state called a heat death--- < O!O > ----.

    In this scenario the exclamation point symbol represents a 4-fold Universe that has seemingly expanded as one very large and very flat-- seemingly 2D ----least energy photon.

    I believe there exist two--- bilateral left and right ---spherical,5/phi-fold, gravitational membranes bonded if not overlapping each other at the seemingly 2D flat plane of existence of the 4-fold Universe.

    Consciousness is the looping between left and right sphericals and into 4-fold existence as matter/fermions at this terminal end/beginning phase/state configuration. imho



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