yust what is wrong with Vista?

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yust what is wrong with Vista? My computer keeps asking me stupid quistions with I can't turn of like when I insert a memory stick he always ask crap like if it neads a system repair or when I insert a disk if I wan't to play to context (this is not the screen on how to display the context).
Also it keeps downloading crap from I don't know because he doesn't tell me I assume their system updates but that's yust assuming on logic... probably a strange concept to the programmers.

Annyway how do I stop my computer from endlesly asking the same stupid quistions and how do I get it to ask my permission before it downloads half the interenet on my laptop doing nothing but giving me pop ups.

Also isn't it illegal when the computer asks if it's allowed to download something and when you say no he does it annyway and locks you out if you try to stop him? That's yust bad programming
Wow. That's not a Vista problem. That's an orcot problem. Sounds like you've got a nice infection of spam/ad/malware. I would gather all the usual suspects (Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, Spyware Doc, etc..) and run a couple of scans in safe mode.
yeah It's a new lap top I should have rememberd to instal ad-aware. Better start with that thx
Vista has a bunch of "nanny prompts". There's a way to turn them off...I'll have to look it up on how to do it. I forget off the top of my head.
Windows 3.1 worked awesome, windows 95 had the internet, 98 had the first hard drives for movies and finanly some decend games, Vista has... vista is useless
Vista works absolutely fine for me. If you know what you're doing, you can turn off all the annoying features. That, and install a good firewall, because it does try to connect to the internet way more than it needs to.

I'm convinced that the people who do nothing but complain about it simply don't know how to use it correctly. I'm not saying it's free of problems (no software is), but it's certainly not as bad as people make it out to be.
I also like vista when I upgraded to 2000 or XP I always though well whats changed here then and I would be informed its all behind the scenes changes but they are good.

With Vista the problem might be too many changes many of them seem to be changes for changes sack. But if you cut down on the crap its got some useful additions and its very polished which just makes for a nicer working enviroment.
Windows 3.1 worked awesome, windows 95 had the internet, 98 had the first hard drives for movies and finanly some decend games, Vista has... vista is useless

Dude, you seriously phrased that like some $$n00b$$.

I used Internet browsers on Windows 3.1 (but I guess some people think that the Internet started with Mosaic, never having used Archie, Wais, or Gopher, or downloaded software from HENSA)

And what has hard drives got to do with the OS? Some temporal equivalence in your head that happened in 1998?

And Vista isn't useless. I'm using it to diss you right now. It is priceless, therefore.
I dont know about the other things but one thing you can turn off to save you some headache is the "user access control"..the one where your computer always asks your permission before it does anything...very annoying. just go into the users and groups in the control panel and there is a box down at the bottom to turn that off.
One thing I found about vista is if you have an older laptop (1 - 2) years old...and you want to upgrade to vista, good luck finding decent drivers (especially for video cards)
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