Youtube turns on HD

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Finally!! After being the most popular but crappiest video website, this morning I have noticed that several artists videos are finally in HD and pretty decent quality....

Google video has always been better, but maybe from now on I don't have to use that...By the way, it is not really HD, just high quality...

Technical discussion:

"Because storage is cheap and bandwidth isn't. It's already known that YouTube keeps the original uploads - that's how videos went from normal quality to "high quality" without users having to re-upload. Google has the storage space, but only half of internet users have broadband so Google will encode the videos as it sees fit. If YouTube showed the full resolution, videos would take 10 minutes to load for a lot of people."
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I like that they have CC for some stuff. I'm waiting for when we can watch movies there.
You can force it to use the high quality version by adding &fmt=18 to the end of the URL, this even works for videos that don't have the "high quality" link under them. Check out the difference in sound quality between the two versions:

True. You get the MP4 file by doing this, a much higher quality version with stereo sound. This was implemented to fulfill a contract with Apple for Youtube on the Iphone. The difference can be dramatic on many videos.

Wait, isn't goggle video and youtube under the same company?


The main difference in quality is some posters still think Youtube has a 100 megabyte limit on uploads when it's actually 1000. Many videos are from before the limit was upped to 1000.

I love the new 4X3 format.
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