Your Own Government

I would only let the elected officials prepair any bills that were needed to run America. Then those bills would be put on the internet and let everyone vote upon them . The writing of each bill shall contain no more than 2500 words, be written so that a 10 year old understands what they are saying and not have any ambiguities involved in it.This bill would be on the net for 1 week for everyone to read and vote it up or down. The Congress would then impliment those bills that are passed with a two thirds margin and either rewrite the other bills or dispose of them. That would reduce the problem of bribes and insider trading with those lobbiests I would think.
On the internet...? What about hacking? Don't you think it would be to easy for people to find a way to vote multiple times... I dont think that would work
You can vote only with your social asecurity number and a password. Only one vote per password would be allowed and only ine vote per social security number. I think that would prevent hacking and I'm certain there are smarter people than me who could also impliment security protocols that would restrict hacking. Then there is also using a fax to fax your vote, one vote per fax phone number. Just a thought, it would be better than what's going on now. At least we could actually see the nills that are being written and passed because now we know nothing!
And also, will there be a "president" in any one of your governments? Will there be houses?

Also how will your province be seperated like states, or districs etc..
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It would be as it is now set up the only change is that the people get to vote on every bill that is written by their Congresspeople.You could also call in your vote as well as write in your vote through the mail. That way not much changes but who votes for the laws to pass or be rejected. I like the way Americas Congreee is set up I just don't care for the weasles making the bills and selling out this country as they are doing.
If I were a dumbass teenager: "I would make a government where everything is paid for with sex. Duh."
I anticipate the argument: libertarianism & egalitarianism - an oxymoron surely! Well that depends on what you think the boundaries of 'liberty' should be. Appropriation of nature's resources is surely an action which ‘concerns others’, and therfore falls under the applicable territory of the above principle (ii). Reconciling egalitarianism and libertarianism is perhaps a venerable issue, and, after a potent dose of drambuie, isn’t something I feel like discussing at length. Maybe another day.

Somehow the appropriate use of resources, egalitarianism, and libertarianism don't seem to mesh well in my head. A libertarian state would undoubtly be an environmental wasteland. Just a thought.
Egalitarianism is impossible. There are always going to be some people that are better than others on many different scales. And there is no way to balance that scale. In no society that ever existed was there equality. Even equality of votes doesn't exist. Some people just don't know who is on their side or not, and are too ignorant to ever know.

The only society that would be efficient would be a society that places importance on intelligence. And not a society that gives you a position, like taking iq tests to guage your position in society or by lineage. It must be natural and unforced. In the underground society of hackers and open source, ideas that are shared openly are craved. Those who contribute the most ideas are the most respected. Those who try to steal ideas from others, or take undue credit are frowned upon. These criminals are then black listed and it will become very hard for them to earn back respect. No need to punish through outside means since the justice system would be built into society. A society that lets people contribute, unforced, would work the most efficient. People contribute the most when they desire it. But in this society there will always be a few who just pursue pleasure and joy and won't contribute much as it seems on the surface. They will be contributing to the well being of society. They will be the athletes, the gamers, the entertainment. There will always be a few who just don't contribute much at all, no matter how hard they try. But it is all for the better. Today in society those that contribute least far outnumber those who would contribute least in an open source society.

Also in a libertarian society, communistic ideals will naturally come about. But there is a certain level of base intelligence required for this to occur. It cannot be started with ignorant overgrown kids who's only motivation is to physically control others. At first there must be some security also to control those of less intelligence. After some progress in society, eventually there will be no need for this as we will have evolved for the better.

The only thing holding a society like this from coming about is limited resources, and a few key inventions to allow for a pure informational society.

The biggest motivation for people today is money. Humans crave for power is not a problem like we all think. It is how we get that power that is the problem. We crave money because it brings us power. We just need to redirect our means of attaining power. Attaining power or prestige through our contributions to society would make it better for everyone. Even those at the very bottom of society.
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Military, Military, Military

Sparta would tremble at my roar.

Women, in the military. Men, in the military. Animals.. uhh.. fur in the military, savage ones in the military. We would be disciplined to a T.
With power a country or me can ule the whole world.
God, how a government needs money. Alcohol, tobacco, street pharmaceuticals, all legal, but taxed HEAVILY. People should have the right to choose, but keep the crap cheap and all the human debris will remain that way; leaching, non-contributing sub-members of humanity. Take it out of their reach of the jobless, make them work hard for the right to be one of millions weeded out of the gene pool. There's money saved by diverting all the attention and resources law enforcement place on the "war on drugs," and money raised thanks to the taxes. Cut off welfare and foodstamps. Money saved. Let the poor work their way out of it like I did, stop reaching for a handout. Or let them get poorer and fade away. That used to be me, and I can say without any hesitation that the strain they place on the economy will only get bigger and bigger as long as someone thinks it's the government's responsibility to support them. Scale down the military in place of mechanical countermeasures; Other people's business is other people's business, if we keep our nose out of it they'll be more likely to leave us alone, but if they want to take unprovoked action against us, push a button and give them what they have coming.

retrospectively, all that seems rather ignorant/naive. . . still posting it, tho.
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