Your idea of scary II

I have some were i will be in in a city just standing in a street and ill see a dot falling from the sky then an (nuclear) explostion im far enough away were im not vaporized but were skin is burned and then i would wake up. Then i would have some were i would be in a prison camp of some sort and i pushed against the wall and i get shot in the back. (Im not going to go indepth becuase well some of them are way to graphic)
You know...all ur scary dreams are with blood and violence and being shot...
while in my dreams only once have anything close to this happened. Once in a dream I had my small finger cut off...that made me ponder the meaning of the dream and no blood or violence have I ever seen in my dreams.

All my dreams of horror are with paranormal and nature. Dreaming of flying to windows in 4 story buildings smiling at people there...and then since the people get scared...I become also scared. And then many dreams like that were I tend to walk like everyone else but then when noone is looking I fly up and past the buildings and then fly around inside the shafts of the building...but inevitable someone notices me...and I become very scared that this person will see me again and call other people. I am afraid of being discovered that I fly because when I become noticed people always follow me. I also can lift off anytime I want, I can control speed in my dreams and can teleport at times. Whats interesting is that my dreams used to be once very dark and I was always alone surrounded by vast pine forest and huge industrial complexes that have aged, like surreally huge bridge over vast river. Now that I think of it...I tend to dream alot about bridges. I was very much interested to cross vast bridges of all sizes and lengths and usually when I got to the middle the bridge shaked or something to make me fear more...not much of height but the fact that I have not crossed the bridge.

And then came a phase when I dreamed of natural apocalypses...I dreamed of a 20 story building I live in and the surrounding city slowly be surrounded by an upcoming ocean...huge amounts of water...and people escaping and using whatever they can to float...and then came the huge wave. And this dream wasnt from that movie about Apocalypse...I havent watched it yet.

So in summary in my dreams these are the fears I have experienced:
* fear of not being able to escape (when I wanted to run, i i was in invisible jello substance)
* fear of being discovered of being seen flying
* fear of water apocalypse and natural phenomena (these dreams as the dreams of flying were the most real)
* feear of being followed by invisible thing/person
* fear of not being able to cross the bridge to completion (not of height)

I also had alot of alien dreams...but that seemed to fade away...and I didnt much fear them.

Also when I was like 5-9 years old I had fear of small things appearing large and spread out. Its like I imagined an apple and this apple was so I wasnt human but some at first it was interesting...but then everytime I closed my eyes the same image appeared and that is all I dreamed of for like 1 temperature rised. Apparently it was a brain development phase...and I dont have anything like that now.
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1) Am I not considered a guy?
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Your respons is considered participation, but I need more people to participate and share their worst nightmares.
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Your respons is considered participation, but I need more people to participate and share their worst nightmares.

why you got to be so sexist? why only guys like me can participate? Why can't gals participate too? geeeese....
What scares me the most, Hmmm.

1. Meteorites or comets that hit the earth
2. terrorists with suitcase nukes
3. nanobots that drink beer to reproduce
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Geesh, I guess I need to find another forum for scene ideas; one with more creative inhabitants!

so you dont consider me creative? Are my stories not indulging in the theme of this thread?
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But.....first.....I' ........caress.......that rusty kettle!! LMAO

Will never see my kettle in the same way again!