Your house from mars


Recovering christian
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Been away from the boards for a while so thought if you guys haven't already found it you may like this site...

If you have broadband and a pc (i.e.not apple just yet) It's fackin amazing Click on the free download version
C for your selves and enjoy.
Just tap in your postal or zip and fly from mars all the way to the roof of your house :D
it only works in america, the closest it will zoom into my house you can just make out diferent smudges as multiple hectare farms
My town isn't much better, you can just see where the river Towy runs past the warehouses, but certainly not my house.
Seems to be only hi-res in popular cities, but that is to be expected.

It's cool though. I can even see my girlfriends car parked in the driveway.
That's the free download tho, not sure if you get a better res if you pay up
Still think it's quite awesome