your halcyon days

That's an interesting question. I've done a lot of things that I've wanted to do but I did think in these terms once I got out of school, got married and it's a definite change.

You shouldn't feel that your best days are over when you are 25 or so but I had that thought at the time.

It's just the difference between possibilities and reality. For instance when you go to college there is a lot to learn, a lot to be exposed to as far as how the world works. There is also what you are taught. You can be taught to make the big decisions that a CEO would make but the reality is when you get aren't going to be making those interesting kinds of decisions anytime soon, if at all.

I moved 250 miles away from home to the mountains of N.C. for college. I then drove to the West coast and went to law school initially. After a year I decided that wasn't what I was really interested in even though I did learn a lot and then I moved to Arizona and went to grad school in International Business.

So besides the interesting aspects of the schooling I also lived in 3 very different environments. I got married, graduated and moved to Seattle and things just didn't change as much in as short a period of time as had occurred up to that point.

Things worked out, I did a lot in life that I wanted to do but in a way I'd say the halcyon days were 18-25. I was also single for much of that time and living a long way from home and everyone else was young and single so that's a period that usually a good time for anyone.

After that I wouldn't use the term halcyon days and would probably just describe personal goals that I accomplished.