Your favourite T.V Commercial?

Peter Griffin

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Commercials used to make you laugh and cry but now all I keep seeing is these flippin loan adverts and credit card adverts and insurance adverts, and they are so boring. Tell me your favourite commerical and how loans adverts are ruining good ordinary T.V Commercials.:mad: :mad: :mad:
In the UK we have an advert for John Smiths bitter,

It starts off quite serious with two people in a Diving competition, they get good scores. (It looks like a proper program) Then this big fat guy does a running bomb, and you hear the judges going... 10,10,10,10,10,10...

Its makes me laugh anyway...
Anyone remember that old KFC ad.

It had hundreds of KFC staff in a field with a HUGE screen on a stage and a picture of Anakin Skywalker came on and a voice said 'ANAKIN...SKYWALKER' and all the people in the field chanted 'GO DARTH VADER' and so on. That made me chuckle a little
i loooooooove the commercial radio shack, where this guy tries to buy a fax machine (??) and a robot walks up and says in his robotic, yet desperate voice.. "you cant have her, i love her." and the guy take is and walks away and the robot continues with, "weeping...weeping..." but then.. to save the day.. an employee walks up and holds up an extension cord infront of the robot who looks up and says "oooooooooh *growl*"

...nothing better.