Your favourite cars

The car i want:

needs no gas,batteries and the rest of the junk
has no tires to change
no oils to change
has no moving part to wear out
no mechanic has ever seen one
you do not have to sit in it for hours ....

one more has tires all around for protection from the other drivers.:D :D :D :D :D
<img src=>

<img src=>

Just testing *stRgrl*'s pic...
My '57 Porsche Speedster's replacement ...


Found a proper sized pic of the '92 SVX I drive when I'm out playing.
(A '95, also silver, Escort Wagon takes care of the everyday stuff)

Take care :)
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Favorite car??? I grew up around cars, so that's a tough one. I loved the '61 Chrysler I started out with. Push-button tranny, big baby-blue tailfins,... or was it the '71 Toyota Corolla that refused to die? Then there were the Ford brothers, a tough pair consisting of a '63 and '64 F-100 and F-150. Those trucks could move the world on their backs and ask for more. Their bloodlines live on in the '68 F-100 I currently drive, affectionately named 'Sugarfoot'. The '92 Camaro is no slouch, either. Tricked out for performance and economy, 'White Thunder' is my husband's car now. 'Old 100 Proof' was my cruiser during my junior and senior high school years, a '58 Chevy that finally dropped its rear-end out and never went back together right. There have been many cars in my life, and all of them had their fine points. I guess whichever one I'm driving at any particular time is my favorite, but I do have a pet. It's a 1950 Plymouth P-19 Business Coupe. It's a rust-bucket right now, but I got it for $500.00 off e-Bay. It's got a Flathead 6 that's going to get ripped out and replaced with a Chevy 400. The tranny is getting the heave-ho in favor of a Corvette 6-speed. Any more information than that I don't know. When I ask, my husband just laughs maniacally and locks the garage.

I think the fumes are getting to him.

BTW, if anybody wants to give me a '67 Jaguar XKE to put into my list of cars I've owned, I won't say no. :)
(Q), thanks for the web info (need to be far more careful now...)
About cars..... I personally like those ol Lamborghini (however style it's spelled, duh). Nice shape.
Traveling in style with my Magic Bus....... for the cosmictraveler... Want to take a trip with me plenty of space for ya'll. ;)