Your favoite words...


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What words do you think sound the best? Have the best definition/meaning etc.? Mine are:

Sound: Umptious (I have no idea what it means either) & reflexive

Definition: Run (around 14 pages worth of definition in the Oxford Abridged English Dictionary)

Funniest Slang Word: Pants Rabbits :eek:

Best 3rd Grade Insult: "Butt Gremlin":bugeye:

If someone could respond to this, I will be overjoyed.

Stay cool,
-connexion (from Tolkien of course)
There you are. Knock yourself out.
noglechh (greeting, courtesy of meeself).

And the klingon word for victory, I forget what it is.
Tsk tsk tsk.

When I tell you, you can say


(making repairs is easy. Now reading klingon, that's hard).
Necro[whatever]. (Such as Necro-Knockers.)
Cyber[whatever]. (Such as Cyber-Knockers.)
Terminator. :cool:
Elliptical. <- nice one.
Spiffy is Spiffy
Bitchin' is bitchin'. Well alright, it isn't. I have a temporary infatuation with it, so it is cool to for me to say, but not cool for me to hear.
Probably the funniest recently-invented term I have come across is the term "arseclown", which basically means "silly idiot" or something along those lines.

The term was introduced to a wider audience by Rampaging Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson on their (Australian) TV programme "The Monday Dump". Some of you might know them from their TV show "The Dream", broadcast nightly during the Atlanta Olympics.
I'm partial to the generous applicability of the phrase "womb regurgitant."
Personally I like using ASCII to replace A**E) purely because well it politen's it and makes it cyberific.

Sometimes I mention "Polymorphic whispers" when someone has dragged a story around and it keeps changing (Just to be politically correct)

I always find myself saying "Of course" I'm sure you've spotted that in many of my posts.... Of course :D

One that has absolutely no presidence, but still has to be plagurised is "Nih!"
Ive always liked the word plethora (im not sure if thats the right spelling, I said I like to say it, not type it)

knob and frog are fun too...not much excitement there...but fun none the less.
Favorite words


K'u - sacred God, name of the pyramid, the first sound made by a baby

Hunab K'u - One Giver of Movement and Measure, galatic center
Movement - the life-giving principle of energy. The quality of the number thirteen, which gives inherent structure and meaning to the possibilities of being.
Measure - the form-giving principle of energy. Represented by the number four, Measure holds the four primary wave functions:
gravity - attraction
electromagnetic - radiation
strong atomic force - psychic transmission
weak atomic force - psychic receptivity


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