Your experience with teachers in school?

I'd have to say most of my teachers were between good to excellent. Some stay in mind more than others...

Primary school principal: A brash and honest-spoken lady, I remember her mostly for the obvious care and passion she had for her job and children in her school. She didn't teach classes regularly except to fill in for absent staff (be it vacation/sick leave or whatever)

Secondary school math teacher: A straightlaced woman with a tenor; extremely clear and efficient with teaching methods. Patient almost to a fault, and connected with students just enough to be friendly but not lose her authority. She was solely responsible for me getting to like math...go figure! :)

Secondary school physics teacher: Unfortunately deceased now, the guy was all about work ethic. Other than being an excellent physics (and chemistry) lecturer, he also ensured that his students learned the value of organizing time and priorities. Was also very approachable for discussion for any problem.

Degree MIS lecturer: Also the principal of the school. Equally as efficient in teaching methods as the folks I described before, but I most remember him for a particular catch phrase he ended half his sentences with. And his penchant for coffee :)

Maybe I'm fortunate, but the worst teacher I remember being taught by wasn't even bad to begin with...actually there were two with the problem, it was just that they took longer to explain the subject matter, their communication skills were a bit lackluster, however, they made up for it with commitment and their own obvious knowledge of the subject.
Well teachers make the student. In my school if the teachers do not have a total agreement with the student, the students grades are usually below the real level of their intelligents.