Your Epitaph?!

Morteza Olangui

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:) Hi:
What do you wish your epitaph to be?
He wanted to become a hero
But he is still a zero.
quack - quack, thanks
god, i'm not quite that morbid... :p

hm... i think...
I want to be cremated and scattered off somewhere nice so my ashes grow and become useful rather then locked in a wooden box for eternity...

that is, if they can find my body when I die :eek:
I'd always wanted to be cremated and then dumped at sea. But if I am unlucky enough to be stuck in the ground somewhere.. well I'd like my epitaph to say...

"I'm watching you"

I'm toying with this:


But written in the shape of a circle, so that it just keeps spinning ...
The original is of course by Gertrude Stein, just that she didn't write it in a circle. hah!
It was a joke JF, just trying to bring a little humor to this otherwise repulsive thread.
repulsive is a strong word... and i was joking too.

If I got shot I'd want "I TOLD YOU IT WASNT PARANOIA!! But Nooo..."
I like to talk about things that are more useful and uplifting if at all posible and talking about death isn't very uplifting to me. I know that you were joking but had to answer to be certain you knew I was also.
I want my epitaph to be the snarling of the alpha male wolf feeding upon my carcass.
I think I'll go with the classical way of writing epitaphs, but I don't mind thinking for some twists......
my name (with a lil written nickname)
If spirits roam the earth, find me not in this place
I just read that some people think that this thread is depressing. Why do you think the thought of death is depressing? Are you so attached to this world? Whenever I think of death I ask my God - if he does exist, I am not sure, I just ask - to let me live al long as my daughter has become a grown up.
My epitaph: Keep off the grass (By the late Ustinov)cheers