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Whee! It's another of my desktops and this one I can't take credit for completely (or much at all) because it's a screenshot from EverQuest, and all I did was make the little beetle thing all rainbow-ey (it was boring and tan before) so well here it is. (Isn't the little beetle guy so cute?)
Hi-Fli, I think

Although it looks nothing like the other two pictures of the Hi-Fli guitar f/x processor, that is, in fact, what I'm led to believe. However, I'm hardly the specialist in old equipment like this. If anyone recognizes it and it's not a Hi-Fli, let me know.

My desktop inflates the image instead of tiles it. I recommend that display.

Tiassa :cool:
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Let's just say that mine's not for under 18's and leave it at that hmmm?

:eek: :p :eek:
let's just persume that we are all atleast 18 or write a disclaimer
*not to be clicked by under 18*:)

Damn Xev, I LOOOVE your wallpaper.
After mine gets boring to me, this would be my next choice.:cool:
must have a big monitor:)
If you put a disclaimer on, then youngins' will be looking for them to click on!!

I like it very, very much.

Let's just say that mine's not for under 18's and leave it at that hmmm?

Actually, by the TOS, none of us are under 13. COPA and all.

So do tell us.
Seeing as my wallpaper changes almost daily, I'll just post where I usually get them from:
Dilandau Wallpaper!

...dedicated to the psychotic, pyromaniac, albeit endearing Dilandau Albatou from the best Japanese anime ever, The Vision of Escaflowne.

...commander of an elite army of Dragon slayers.

...His eyes were a magenta (reddish colour) like no other, his skin was as smooth as silk, his hair was void of any colour (although some tended to argue that his hair is more silver than gray), he was very tall for his age, and he was in the greatest of physical shape as his stamina was second to none.

...a merciless killer and leader who lives to burn things as much as possible.

...professional sadistical quality.


**images courtesy of Dilandau's Dungeon**
I've got a pretty evil looking RTCW wallpaper. I'm now tempted to use the same as Pine_net. It looks pretty sweet. If I havn't got the RTCW one, I usually have a Rammstein one on instead. How very German of me.
mines of she-ra..... and the castle of greyskull..... hooties to those who know what i am talking about@!
Rammstein is great. I like all their songs.
Their music video for the song "Sonne" is a masterpiece.
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