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Firefly's come in gun form, lol:

This one's neat:
Whoa, and I thought my nick was unique... :bugeye: I'll nick one of those and shrink it once I get a second, thanks. :)
Why did you pick it?
i made it, i picked it because Che guevara is/was the man :D
What is it supposed to be?//What does it mean?
It is a black and white representation of Che Guevara. It means nothing, it stands for struggle.
Where did you get it?
I made it.

When i originally came here i had 'che' avatar then i ventured to different things, like Lenin but i got into trouble for that. lol. but now i am back to che again.
Changed av. Again. :D (not blue this time too, :) )

This time it's the word Chaos, on a background of multiple layers of gray textures (can't be seen, tho, too small). The faint lines at the top and bottom are actually sentence fragments, saying things like "Bliss like thine is brought by years, dark with torment and with tears" (Emily Bronte) and "acidic bullets poured forth in silent thunder, ruptured sky torn open like a birth canal" (by me :) ). Then, I put little lines, just because I thought they'd look cool. :rolleyes: :D
I found this one on a site specifically set up for the purpose but I can't remember what it's called.

I suppose it just represents me while I'm here.
It used to be some kind of fluffy bunny/teddy bear/ rodent thing but I thought it could be too cream puffy.

Gotta go, I'm giving deep throat lessons at Roswell :D
For the first time I put in an avatar. It's the Cheshire Cat from the game Alice.

"Why did you pick it?"

The cheshire cat is definetly one of my favourite characters in what I think is one of the most awsome books. Alice in Wonderland is one of the few 'fantasy' books I've ever thuroughly enjoyed and still enjoy today. It's a psychadelic trip and the cheshire cat always struck me as that friend who could be on acid, heroin and coke at the same time and still somehow seem sober. He kept his mouth shut and wasn't noticable (actually in the book he wasn't there, but perhaps that's just symbolic) until he had something really good to say or do at just the right moment.

"What is it supposed to be?//What does it mean?"
What does it mean? Probably that I wish I was more like the cheshire cat.

"Where did you get it?"
That movie villian thread reminded me of the character. The pic is from a Alice (the computer game) fan site.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to stick with having an avatar. I rather enjoyed not having one.