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At Nude Youth Camp, Skin Is Bare but Lust Is Verboten (NY Times) - registration required
On the third-to-last day of summer camp, the temperature has risen to 98 degrees, and even the troupers have begun to whine.

"I don't want to play strip volleyball!" complained Jane Jeffries, 13, her sunburned shoulders sagging. "I want to play regular volleyball."

Halie Nelson, 14, agreed, "Yeah, I'd rather get all the clothes off, and keep all the clothes off."

Here at the Youth Leadership Camp run by the American Association for Nude Recreation, the dress code for regular volleyball - and for the pudding toss, mini-golf and campfire sing-alongs - is the same as it is for skinny dipping.

Basking in what nudist organizations say is a growing interest in nude recreation, the association has begun a nationwide expansion of summer camps for nudists age 11 to 18. The first began here 10 years ago, in a county north of Tampa known for its concentration of nudist resorts. In 2000, the association opened its second camp in Arizona.

A third is to open outside Richmond, Va., this month, and organizers in Texas are planning a fourth camp there for the summer of 2005.

Naked summer camp might strike non-nudists as illegal or prurient, or like striking a match to the gasoline of adolescent hormones . . . .
All I gotta say is that now I know where that damn spam is coming from.

Beyond that, there's not much reason to comment. Part of me sees the crumbling of American society, but this is in response to the overwhelming sexual obsession that grips this country. Another part of me celebrates the cause entirely. And yet another part of me is pissed that I'm not 14 and in Arizona right now, though that allegedly defies the point.

Life is ... life is.

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The trouble with nudism.

The only problem that I see with nudism, is that it is not the normal dress code for everyday life. In our prudish society, it is looked upon as something aberant and un-natural. I even heard one preacher, in the heat of an argument on nudism, say, " If God had wanted people to go around naked we would be born that way." I don't know where his head was, probably somewhere dark, but if you look in Genesis you will find that God was perfectly happy with Adam and Eve running around starkers, and didn't get pissed until they covered themselves.;)
what a great idea
the issues associated with obsesion over body types and
covering parts of the body only to insinuate other parts
breasts and croutch regions
through clothing confuses the crap out of teens because of the continual reinforcement of saying nudity is wrong
so as long as the camp is adequetly secret with pro active screening of members it should serve to further the intellectual ability through dealing with body type obsesions and genital fixation syndromes that are prevalant in many parents and other adults and then spawned to teens and young children.
the reality of the situation is most likely to entail current members of nudist organisations so the parents would already be in a better position to teach thier children regardles of whether the children go to such a camp or not.

to be shocked by nudity is a seriouse mental illness that resides in self hate and sexual disfunction as most people would think sex as soon as they see a naked person of the opersite sex
this is very wide spread
it is a state of lower level intellect
and a point of religouse self distruction for those who preach nudity as wrong.
if you are sufficiently intellegent you will understand how this relates to the victimisation of women and sexual freedom of self expresion
and is bounced back by the male oppresser to make men sexualy disfunctional aswell from another angle

to be sexual arroused
and then to have the ability to NOT
try to force the person who you are arroused by into sex
because of the innapropriate age or circumstance or returned interest is a lower level then the animal kingdom in genral.

night clubs and bars are obviousely a different thing where people expect to have people come up and approach them with interests in the artistic expresion of sex be it casual or potential long term or just mutual interest in friendship.
asside from most people not having enough style to be able to say sorry not interested without being rude.

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Yeah ripleofdeath, I'm sure that was the intention too, teenage girl nudist camps weren't just the brain child of some dirty old man, they were designed to make teens feel better about themselves and develop them into strong minded human beings:rolleyes:

.... aaaah who am I kidding, I want in so bad...

You never really know what's going on inside someone's head. Similarly, you never know what's going to set someone off....
try to resist giving in to lust dude!

it will keep you from finding love

assuming you want to know what love is

i think clothing optional would be the correct term for what i am talking about
nudist therapy may be more of an accurate term for the diametric of common society

if you have ever had great sex then you would have no desire to have sex with someone with no experience
unless ofcoarse you have no idea of what great sex realy is
if love or desire for love in thruth is there then it transcends the concept of
the prized virgin with a body that soo many women are too lazzy to bother maintaining/yes im picky exceptionaly when there is no love
but then compared to most you may consider me a monk
think of it like this...
ASSUMING I MIGHT err as much to help teach someone who might not desire it
imagine your sex is like your favorite movie
now compare your favorite movie with the worst movie you have ever seen
why go to a bad movie
it just has no benifit at all
you can pretend to make benifits but none will replace the cost incurred
most just go to the movie to be able to shout about how many movies they have been to because they have no understanding of what they realy like and what is possible
sometimes i try to inform but i grow weary of shouting at walls
while strugling to pay bills
in a world of shouting fraudsters
i wish you luck

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are you suggesting that you should not go in public because you think some person who you do not like will have a sexual fantasy about you and them having sex?

think about it!
as you suggested
what is going on inside your mind?
So when is Victoria secret starting a nudist colony for their supermodels because as we all know those models need to learn self love and being naked around me is the best help they can get.....

the best nudist camp so far in this world is the PLAYBOY mansion.

and how can god be pissed at us being naked...if he wanted us clothed he would have given me birth with a Versace esuit on and Gucci shoes.
i do not necessarily disagree but what of people who live in
the wall street life of money
would it not be fair to say they are just as weird
does the group represent the indevidual as you suggest


and what quality of friend would you be?
one that just manipulated them as much as possible to get into bed with them
everyone has issues
regardless of finacial or social status

soo often people scorn concepts of therapy that they preach the concept of if you dont fit in then go away and kill yourself
or just go away and be by yourself

how close are you coming to such behabviour?

most people need to learn self love
with out it you can not start to begin trying to discover how to love another person

your concept as along with most other people who dwel on the concept of sexual gratification by materialistic object-afying of the female form
such behaviour
only spawns sexual disfunction and reinforces it with your family and peers

the women who would go to the playboy mansion would seek fame and money
just like a person hanging out with wall street society
no difference
only a percieved difference by a persons sexual disfunction as they look to justify thier own lack of truth.

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Rippleofdeath dude...lighten was a know one of those things you tell to make people laugh and yourself make good points but comeeee onnnnn a VICTORIA SECRETS nudist camp.......i am sorry call me a bastard if you will but i'll join.
ripleofdeath said:

"the women who would go to the playboy mansion would seek fame and money
just like a person hanging out with wall street society
no difference"

Nice point.
ok my err
seriouse hat gets thrown on the floor and stomped on for reality check :D

im sure there are as in most cases people who defiy the genralisation to some extent.

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so ahh.... where are the pics for chrissakes? dont no one believe in visual aids these days?
what makes me LMAO
is the results of a study on sexual stimulation from visual images
it was found that women are about 15% more stimulated than men are.

hows that for a laugh
it would be interesting to see the study done in more countrys and a wider number of test subjects.

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People that live in nudist colonies have something wrong with them, thats my opinion.
everyone has something wrong with them in your opinion.
and how can god be pissed at us being naked...if he wanted us clothed he would have given me birth with a Versace esuit on and Gucci shoes
a nice god wouldn't put anyone in gucci shoes.

as for the camp.. i agree with one_raven... although i dont know how old you are.. i'll be looking for the 19-23yr old version.. lol. but not so much for "the view".. just becuase clothes are itchy..
and then a flasher
3 possible combinations of types of people who would frequent such places in an adult concept
the flasher is mearly my name for someone who likes others to look at them naked
which is just as much a issue as such

heyya NightFall
if you are seriouse look for a family orientatedone first
they have good screening processes as long as they are
advertised and have recomendations about them from family type people
there is always a trial period for new members and they
warm quickly to genuine people
that should give you a better idea of what the reality is
rather than just a big suedo sex party
assuming your actualy looking for the nudist type thing and not the big sex party thing.

privately owned and remote places would be the best
they like to encourage couples so a good alternate excersion for you and your bf for something a bit diff

groove on :)

... i think ill just stick to door-closed-blinds-shut nudism.. lol. but thanks. I think my disgust for hairy old naked men etc. would out rule my happiness of being free of clothing.. so it wouldn't be worth it. :(