You think global warming is a problem?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Success_Machine, May 1, 2002.

  1. Success_Machine Impossible? I can do that Registered Senior Member

    I estimate we'll experience severe oil shortages by 2015, and completely run out by 2032. But wait....

    the world's avg. temperature could rise by nearly 1.2 degrees!!! Oh NO !!!!
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  3. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Please show your work.

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  5. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    oooh oooh oooh i'm just a success machine ,dunnnanunna a success machine, oooooh, im just a success machine, dunnnanannnu...
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  7. Success_Machine Impossible? I can do that Registered Senior Member

    You're the first to ask

    Most people just read the subject heading, and post a dumb response. If you are interested in details, I've slapped together a simple webpage with some documentation.

    So Goofyfish, you've seen my work, what's your opinion?

    And Pollux V, what song is that?!
  8. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Sorry, success, I've been singing that song I think every time I've ever seen one of your threads. It's the slight variation of 'Love Machine,' you know. Ooooh, I'm just a love machine, dunnnannnuhnah a love machine." I kinda forget the words.

    It's just my little thing.
  9. sjmarsha Registered Senior Member

    That car by VW looks quite good.
    Pictures Here...
    239 mpg is very very very good
  10. The Metatron Registered Senior Member

    Do you mean
    Im just a love machine
    a hugging kissing fiend
    Im just a love machine
    and I wont dance with any body but you
    its by the 70's funk group "The Silvers".
  11. Lesion42 Deranged Hermit Registered Senior Member

    Now just replace every instance of the word "love" with "success" and your there.

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  12. Success_Machine Impossible? I can do that Registered Senior Member

    I don't listen to music

    So I had no idea the song even existed.
  13. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    Global Warming,...

    is a fact. Welcome Cataclismus!
  14. Success_Machine Impossible? I can do that Registered Senior Member

    Global warming is a fact?!!

    I guess we better brace for that 1.2 deg. increase in temperature. I'll make sure the grills on my air conditioner are clean and working at 100 percent. I'll seriously look into buying a short-sleeved shirt too. Yup! It's gonna be one hell of a ride!!!
  15. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Global warming is a natural process. Millions and millions of years ago, the earth was witness to an atmosphere with 10 times as much CO2 and here we are complaining about it. Of coarse this extra ordinary concentraion could probably be attributed to industrialization and cars, but its natural. There are ice ages, warmer ages, ice ages, thats just the way things work. I'm sure we'd all be much more upset if there was global cooling.

    Unlike most places, we Calgarians dont need air conditioners. I'd actually welcome global warming for hot weather during summers (warm winter would melt hockey rinks), cause I'm so deprived of it. The highest temperature every reached in calgary was like 96 or 97 fahrenheit - nothing compared to the 118 fahrenheit I walked through in New York a few years back.

    I'm more worried about ozone depletion. In 40 years, you wont be able to walk outside without sunscreen (of coarse most of you will be dead by then).

    Oh and BTW my province has enough oil for the world to last on until something like 2050, so dont be worrying about that 2032, success machine.
  16. Northwind Master of Anvils Registered Senior Member


    I get so sick of ignorant asswipes sounding off on this issue. Global warming is not anything so simple as "higher temps in summer". The Earth's weather system is basically a big engine powered by, you guessed it, HEAT. When there is more heat, the engine has more power. The engine has more power, you get more sever weather on both ends of the scale. COLDER, longer winters. Hotter, longer, drier summers. More powerful storms, greater occurrence of hurricanes and more devastating tornadoes. More flooding, leading to large landslides. And guess what, it only takes about a degree or so rise to make all of that happen.
  17. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Hey Northwind,

    Careful with those anvils! I felt the wind of that passing by while I was reading the thread. Standing too close I'll wager.

    He's right folks...
  18. Success_Machine Impossible? I can do that Registered Senior Member

    Alberta Tar Sands

    I've read that most of the oil reserves that Alberta says they have are tied up in tar sand & shale deposits. I've also read that you have to burn about 9 barrels of "cheap" oil to yield one barrel of oil from shale. That is reversed for conventional oilfields like the ones in Saudi Arabia. I am sure some of it is recoverable, but I am also sure that most of it is not. Suncor abandoned a shale oil project in Australia in april 2001 because they could not extract the oil while meeting minimum environmental standards. In fact residents of the area were suing them because of it. If it weren't for the huge supposed oil deposits that Alberta keeps misleading Canadians into believing they possess, we would realize that Canada has about 2 years of oil, of the kind that can simply be pumped out of the ground. Not very much. It's my guess that by 2005 Alberta will get more than 75% of its oil from whatever part of those tar sands are economically recoverable. After they are depleted (hard to say when, not long I suspect) we will switch to coal liquefaction, and say then that coal smells like perfume, and that we're swimming in vast reserves of it.
  19. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    about natural processes,.....

    As is human nature: spoiling the earth, poluting, wasting, killing,...yep that too is a natural proces: or would you claim that human nature is not natural? no didn't think so, so is it natural then, that humans are in a self-killing prophecy? : The fact remains: that humans don't have proven to take care of themselves,...we've been around for howlong? and look in what a short timetable humans fucked up the earth, a way that humans can't live in their own shit anymore: they are dying from their own induced problems that are swarming the planet: that's the point !!! Ofcourse it's a natural proces, there's no point in stating that,...

    Nature has been emerging from other cataclisms from time to time troughout history yes,...but not in the way that has been induced over the (just recently) couple of decades,...hiding behind the way of natrure telling that Nature itself is the cause of it would be a horrific and relentless lie,....truth is : it's not much of an exuse to relax your conciounce with statements like that: I know it's hard for everybody,...but all is really ONE AND EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED,...even sience is realizing that,...
    Millions and millions huh? That timeframe is a little out of date you recon? humans couldn't possibly live under those circustances,...persides: the fact that the atmosphere changed towards a different composition is merely because the fauna & flora florisshed, didn't decay in the rate that humans are doing now in just a few decades, has been proven by sientific studies that nature has it's cataclisms yes: and there are factors involved with that. And now this factor is building up to it's critical point of cataclism, those are facts: I shal refraze myself: it's not Fictionous,'s not an idear,...
    so cars grow on tries then? As do these flying fabrics : humans call em : 'airplanes'. I know that your not familiar with those figures so I'll give some idear of just how many cars that these things could fuel, here it goes:
    - for every passenger on the flight, let's say from Europ to America, can fuel a car for ONE WHOLE YEAR /PERSON!!!

    so every flight spils gallons of fuel: and here's the catch ofcourse: there aren't as many Airplanes as there are cars,....but they sure produce more wast in the air then you could possibly imagine, you can with my explanation I HOPE: ofcourse you could argue that those planes flying high above: but what goes up is deffinately coming down,...not to mention the fabrics of other high-altitude gasses that actually speed up and contrubute to global warming.
    So what you are saying is actually this: don't worry everything is okay, because it's just the way of the natural processes: BUT DON'T FORGET TO MENTION (not the least to yourself and to your conciounse): that those 'natural' processes are being triggered by conditions inflicted by humans UPON THOSE NATURAL BIOPHERESand that humans are INTERFERRING in the NATURAL GOINGS of this CYCLE of nature,....
    It's not about being upset: if you could control the environment just by controlling your tempor,....hehehe, that would have been easy,....
    Now that is one heck of a personal vieuw and totally subjective,....YOU would actually welcome global warming cause YOU are so deprived of it,....when are you humans going to learn that every place and everybody on this planet is connected with eachother and when will YOU humans even BEGIN to think accordingly: that is with reconsidderation for ALL the others,'re laws are a weak meassurement instrument for global coörporation,...your global coöperations are a presentation for egocentric and selfisch behavior, where did they learn to behave like that: oh year in your shools and from your parents: that are 'accepting' the 'facts' cause that is just how their world is ruled,....
    A contrast? There is a verry good point in making a contrast: but it shouldn't be a contrast between two evils,... (=Oil depletion and greenhouse gasses/ozone depletion can not to be seen apart from eachother: good 'try' tough). In 40 years we won't be able to walk outside whithout a sunscreen,.....hmmm,...ofcourse I could say to you now: don't worry: it's all natural and quiet 'normal' and 'natural' but I will speciffically NOT do so!!!

    Most of us will be dead? Didn't you humans learn about how you ALL live on in your ofspring,.... Human (industrial) culture does not compute with the ways of nature (execpt those last standing tribes, not longer hidden by the wilderness tough, since their isn't practically much wilderness left for them to live in) and does not match standard recuirements for LONG TERM survival in this specific setting of world ordonnance,....
    year: but that's no point : you're province has enough maby, but even if they don't claim your provinces provisions, the oil of the world is no longer WITHIN the planet: making world-tektonic-plates *CRACK* causing mayor problem earthquakes (together with some more underground atomic explosive 'punching' of the world) : it's like taking all the 'wet' out of the copulation: no more lubricants to glide smothly the sinergy of communion of astral, universal communication, no more transponding accordingly to those rules and goings of the healty ways of the world,...... plus: when there's no more OIL it will be more difficult and more expensive to gain PLASTICS: and PLASTICS I can tell you : are of an icreddible importance for space-travel (shielding ect,...) Again: that problems tend to occur and that they rise to occasions like these is indeed still a 'natural' process: but it's not so healty to keep on thinking it's alright and that nothing has to change: or presuming that if anything needs to be changed: that 'they' change the way of the individuals making them believe that THEY are the biggest cause for the problem thus reaching two goals at the same time: drawing the focus of the problem away from it's origin, acctually transferring it, to antoher (much less) related subject >the individual, believe me: if that would be helpfull to solve the root and the CAUSE of the problem: it would be already been solved(a lie inbetween two truths) and on the other hand: making that same humans (indiviuals as well as whole societies) dependent upon products that cause even more mayhem to the evironment merely by production alone,...

    it's truth that thinking goes before action: but it's the action that is undertaken is not always accordingly planned for, even action is undertaken to enshure that the right action is not being implemented as a solution: often it is but merely a 'patch' on the wound,......of Gaia,....(if you're familiar with the concept now)

    believe me this: this of all things is certainly not a individual 'attact' of some sort or kind: so don't take this personall: but your vieuws are incorporating the lives and faiths of other human beings, it most be corrected,...not in a way of good versus evil: but progressive: from good: to better: and then eventually best,....that is the way it should be going,.....

    Often humans are short-sightened : but it's the duty of every entity to correct the 'wrongs' and make them right,...that is:

    The big structural evironmental issues should be subjected to confindings that are learned (and thus: implemented) by sience, and those dicisions should not be made by politics but by the obediance for the sustainabillity for enduring and long term life,....AND IT CERTAINLY IS NO SOLUTION TO SAY : WE ALL DIE SO WHAT DOES IT MATTERS,......(shame on them shortsightened, criminally ignorant human beigns).

  20. Eman Resu Registered Senior Member

    What would a human better survive - an ice age or severe global warming? I figure that we could survive an ice age since we have the propensity to produce enormous quantities of methane (beans) and we have many thermal devices (military) which could keep us warm.
    Maybe it won't matter.
  21. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Alberta Oil

    Were not being fooled into believing how much oil we have. I have a friend, infact, whose father is involved in the oil industry. From what I've heard, there coming out with more and more advanced methods for getting the oil from the oil sands or what not. He's an insider so I think he'd know. Canada does have the largest oil fields in the world, although much of these are coastal or way too far north to be feasable right now.

    Companies are investing many billion of dollars into our oilsands because it's become much more lucrative than ever. Its highly recoverable and quite plentiful.

    And I'd also like to apologize to anyone cough (fukushi, northwind) cough, if I've hurt their overly fragile feelings with my selfish motives towards global warming.

    I do know what it is, and how it occurs. And really, who is naive enough to believe that global warming is just gonna cause nicer summers? I also know that cars don't grow in trees (tries in fukishi's spelling). But if anyone has any problems with global warming, then they should be ashamed to travel on anything other than their bike, or feet.

    -Fukishi, cars do not run on jet feul. If they did, I'm sure mine would run for a year on a tank 'o that super duper premium. They use jetfuel on jets because regular unleaded isnt powerful enough and planes would require a grossly larger volume.

    I've spoken out about my selfish motives on an off note, not one ignoring the wellbeing of southern people.

    But ozone depletion is MUCH more serious than any global warming. By the time it might become a problem, new clean energies will emerge, as they are beggining to, and feasability would not be an issue.
  22. kmguru Staff Member

    Re: Alberta Oil

    Not quite. Jet fuel has the same energy density but higher flash point (not as flamable as gasoline). Jet fuel is Kerosine.

  23. kmguru Staff Member

    A friend of mine just returned from a visit to his homeland in India. He said that in the last twenty years, average temperature has gone up by 5 degrees in April. A lot of older people are having heatstrokes. (Temp yesterday was 99/80 and it is only beginning of May !)

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