Woman claims she is from a parallel universe

But you know,folks,there are soooo many stories of how people "experienced" other dimensions/universes on Internet, that I really don't know what to think... Of course, these stories as usual appear on 'paranormal' sites, not scientific ones.My OP and another quote on this thread is just one example...There is book,for example,how people 'travelled' there under hypnosis...others through special 'practicies',still others 'spontaneously'...strange
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There's a whole world full of people.

Some will be superstitious, some will try and pass on dodgy evidence as 'the real deal' and grab as much money as possible, others for shits and giggles, will invent tales the gullible will swallow up.
So always be sceptical of sensational claims.

Ooh, almost forgot, people might have also been on drugs and believed they were from a different dimension.
Or mental.
Consider for example this,it is from Amazon,review of "Universe and Multiple Realities"

"I'm not sure if "infinite" is ever used to describe the number of multiple universes, but from my personal experience, there really are."

My original gullible says "if that follos from his/her experiences then it must be so"

But my awakening critical thinker says the opposite: "what exact experiences can say that there are infinite number of multiple universes?". ALso,I've been told that personal experiences are subjective and unreliable...
I like that story about the man from taured but it probably some mixup that turned into an supernatural urban legend.

If the story really went as it said and he and his documents disappeared. You arent going to report that officially because no one would believe you. Thats with any unexplainable event.
Many media sources make their own dubious living churning out science news and international news. Should we dismiss them for the same reason?
We should certainly dismiss them if their stories don't check out against other reliable sources of news.
It's a good indicator as to how reliable the source is likely to be.

No it isn't. Some of the best media sources have exclusive stories. That's a mark of good journalism. It doesn't follow that they are lying just because other media sources aren't reporting it.
It's a good indicator as to how reliable the source is likely to be.

MR would love the Sunday Sport:
" Headlines such as "Hitler Was A Woman", "Aliens Turned Our Son Into A Fish Finger" and "Donkey Robs Bank", along with detailed accounts of salacious court cases and sexual shenanigans have helped keep the paper on the newsstands, albeit often on the top shelf.

The newspaper set out to shock, titillate and amuse its readers with stories featuring celebrities, sex and the bizarre - long before any of the new weekly lads' mags - and it has thrived while other more serious publications launched about the same time have closed.

Some of its more lurid stories have included a 62-stone German porn star; a double-decker London bus found frozen in the Antarctic ice; a Second World War bomber found on the moon; a statue of Elvis found on Mars; Lord Lucan spotted riding Shergar and countless alien abductions." *

All exclusive (oddly enough), so they are the mark of good journalism, apparently...................

* from a 2006 article in the Independent about the editor of the Sunday Sport.
Then there was the exclusive story of Watergate broken by the Washington Post. Must be fake eh? Nobody else is reporting it.
Have to consider what 'type' of news. This kind of news is not going to be reported on cnn. Its not their forte. Do you go buy groceries at the shoe store?
Then there was the exclusive story of Watergate broken by the Washington Post. Must be fake eh? Nobody else is reporting it.
Really? Did that story ever get taken up by any other publications or media?

And how about the Donkey Robs a Bank story? Did the rest of the media jump on that bandwagon?
Edont Knoff has specified two correct possibilities. The third is hallucinations, which is not usually classified an mental illness.
Hallucinations or lies to attract attention.

I vote for lies, unless there is other evidence of mental problems.