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Remember, way back when Noah's Ark sailed the web when we have Wolfenstein in '92? Well the new version, out on Nov 21, is brilliant if you like first person shootem's with a touch of the puzzle solving. My son lent me his and I was addicted! The graphics are superb, the levels brilliant (about 17 - 20 not sure) and the action great! Get it, its worth every penny! (or cent!!):D
Yeap, I remember the old one and it's sequel, The Spear of Destiny. What is the newest reincarnation titled?
I think it's called Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Kind of scary when getting to underground. Those skeletons are trouble some to me. My 9mm MP40 bullets bounced off their shields and hurting me instead. The .45 Thompson is a little bit better vs skeletons, but I found myself kind of running low on ammos on all automatic weapons.

Yes, sorry its called Return to Castle Wolfenstein - and I have finished it twice! And still go back for more...:rolleyes: You can check it out at idsoftware.com
I recommend you save each level at the beginning - then you can go back and play your fav levels anytime you want. I find it best on 1024 x 768 resolution. But, thats on a 17" monitor.:rolleyes:
I love wolfenstein, especially the origanal but i can't get a copy anywhere, does anyone know where i can get one, please post/e-mail/PM anything i just need a copy.

Mr Chopper

See my mail above - idsoftware.com - there you can find links to outlets both in the USA and UK that sell it. £29.99 in UK.:rolleyes:
Playing Wolfenstein

You do not need to have the CD in to play it. As stated earlier, my son lent me his, then took it back after I had installed it, so I clicked on it and it opens and runs perfectly!! I just LOVE that snipers rifle!!:rolleyes:
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