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Hey, does anyone know if there is a way to alter the screen that they show when you start up windows? If so could ya tell me where it is and how to get there if its all buryed within all that crap that builds up on computers sometimes.

"If Bill Gates had a dime for every time Windows crashed... wait... he does"

heeeeey, what's up?

Go to find on your windows box normally found under the start menu. Search for the files logo.sys, logo.sys, and i think it is logow.sys. Once you find these files open them and paint and write windblows suck all over and then you've got new start up and shut down screens :)

Im doing this all from a memory so i hope it works for ya. CAUSE I RUN LINUX ON MY OLD 586!!!! (im getting a new computer, 1 ghz, 512 meg athlon 7dx mohterboard within the next week)

hehe if it doesnt work... im talking to dexter on the phone he says go to lol i would NOT recommend it he thinks it tells you how to do this there.

The happy hacker is carolyn meniel shes incrediably stupid and thinks she hacks on windows. SHe thinks port scanning is when you are looking over other peoples when they are the computer!!! (litterally!!!) no joke!!!! hahhha shes dumb. this bring up a good point im going to start a forum about her!!

linux is better
correction... i made alot typos so go what i meant was open the files in ms paint when prompt from clicking on the .sys files

Thank you very very very much.... now im gonna go mess with it and scare my family.... hehe *laffs evilly* ;) no not really but it'll give them a start.. heh... whats your email? i can prolly find it nevermind
hey, shane, i mean lynx.

my mom got all mad when she saw my sisters computer, and what you changed the startup screen too say. i gotta change it too ashley angel now..... gay huh..

anwyays... i hid the stuff, so dont worry bout it.. next time get more ;)
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