Why the USA is what it is...

Europeans committed genocide upon the Native Americans, wasn't that a great thing a nation could do for its indigenous peoples. They nearly wiped them out and today only a handful of true Native American Tribes still exist. Look in history books and see how little is delegated to the Native Americans who lived here over 20,000 years and were decimated to the point of almost no return.

So lets give a big cheer for this great nation and to what it did to become the way it is, stealing, robbing, genocide and polluting everything.
fraggle said:
Then, Mommy, why is the football team still called the Redskins?
It is in honor of and in remembrance of the great race of people whose land this once was.
“Then I think that’s a good thing too, Mommy.”
That is impossible to parody.

The team is called the Redskins now because the racial bigots who named it have never had to answer to the people they named it for, for the direct and ugly insult of the name. And if that bullshit rewriting of history is in fact the conventional wisdom in five hundred years, and not a matter of controversy, it will be because the "great race" has vanished from the entire English speaking continent, rather than merely having been eliminated from Andrew Jackson's home territory.
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