Why should we believe in rebirth ?

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by plakhapate, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    So, it must be true because otherwise it would be unpleasant? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

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    We can still consider ourselves superior to other beings because we are good at art, mathametics, writing, science, and engineering without having to believe in rebirth.
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  3. c7ityi_ Registered Senior Member

    Belief in reincarnation makes you free from fear about death, about losing people you like, free about matter, but respectful about all that you have to transmit to coming generations.

    Belief in an end to mind generally makes you eager to profit as soon as possible, with no respect for anything but your own property or affections.

    Of course, believing in reincarnation can make you lazy, since everything is possible sooner or later, and you have all the time you need.

    But the right attitude, if you really understand what life is and what death is, is to feel at one with everything, to wait for nothing, and to try to help the Great Aim to be achieved through each of our individualities. This means helping everybody and every being to evolve towards itself.

    The only way to be free from life is to live our life through. We cannot escape from life, and will come again as long as we do not love it.
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  5. Peedarp Registered Member

    Someone said that we can add, subtract, invent things, etc etc etc......at the end of it, if we are only there to be born, eat, multiply and die, what's the good of it all? We have been around for a fraction of the time most other creatures have, and with all our self-professed super intelligence, look at the damage we have done to the world, all the time selfishly believing we are helping ourselves. It's like cutting off the branch one is sitting on.

    The Rebirth theory, (heaven, hell, past life deeds, rewards in the afterlife, etc.) if only a theory, will at least help us to act sanely in some measure.
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  7. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    i used to be afraid of nothingness, it can be scary not to exist, losing everything and everyone etc, leaving them all behind, and losing the ego etc.

    i wouldent mind bieng myself for the rest of eternity, i would be happy i guess not bieng one with the universe and keeping my body and mind because i like my body and mind,

    i would prefer to stay as me on a world full of challenges than to be in a heaven type place with no chaos, without chaos you dont know about order, without hate you dont know about love, without harm you dont know about safety,

    but i do understand what you are saying, you cant be mad at people though for not wanting to part with everything they love, i had a hard time dealing with this as a child. when i was about 3-4 years old i used to cry because i was always told the truth, no santa claus, i was told life is a mystery and knowbody knows what haooens after you die,

    i came to terms with all of this and accepted it all by about the age of 7 so i have obviously came along way since then,

    anyways about the question, it proves nothign really, (not bieng harsh sorry if it came off that way) cells are not our consciousness, but im not saying your false you might be true

  8. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    you have to accept it.

    as you know humans are corrupt and destructive, we have ego;s and selfish desires, aslong as we have freedom of thought there will be people like what you described, i love the earth nature and animals, if it were up to me, i would be living in a forest somewhere in china living with nature in a wood hut, but i cannot do this.

    i long to save nature, but we alone cannot do it, the government are the only ones who can, and they dont give a damn so we are screwed basicaly sorry to say,

    such a shame and such a waste of good potential.

  9. glaucon tending tangentially Registered Senior Member


    As is typical with Chi's responses (if you can call them that...), this one is inane and illogical. The quote above contains an explicit contradiction: affirm that cells are not our consciousness, then immediately follow by admitting that they may.

  10. c7ityi_ Registered Senior Member


    Fear can't exist if you don't exist.

    "Non-existence" can't be scary.

    Whether santa exists or not depends on how you look at it. It's like with God. Santa and gods exist but they're not exactly what people generally think they are. They're just psychological things. If a child is bad, he will not receive any presents from santa -- ie. he will not receive spiritual gifts like happiness and good conscience.

    You must be talking to someone else...

    why do you say it's sad if you don't think it's sad!!
  11. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    if dont exist then i wont be afraid,but i am afraid of non-existence now.pleb.
  12. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    You are not presenting any sort of argument that it is true. You are just saying that it must be true because it would be unpleasant if it were not true.
    There are plenty of atheists who don't believe in heaven, hell, rebirth, etc. that act perfectly sane. Clearly believing in those things is not necessary for acting sane. And indeed, it's quite easy to find lots of example of people who did believe in those things acting like lunatics.
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