Why do my posts have to be approved by a moderator?

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it was in the abortion thread that went viral recently

Just split a post that was also getting redirected in the same manner to several paragraphs and found out that the only paragraph it was having problems with was the part with several links - all to the scifroums site by the way -

... :rolleyes:

Well yeah, apparently links are a trigger. Or can be anyway.
I'm rather baffled at all these reports of posts of regular members being queued. In all this time I came across just 1 post by a regular member that became qeueud. And believe me, I've waded through thousands upon thousands of queued threads and posts. All posted to "About the members" by the way. Not one queued thread or post in "Free Thoughts" so far.
I just had one queued for the first time. I don't like the feeling, like it is something I did wrong or that for some reason I am suspected of some subterfuge, but we all know that is just nonsense, right? Right?? BTW, there were no links or images in the post; General Philosophy forum.
It's probably random, but when my post went into the mod queue, I had quoted yours. The only thing I changed when I tried it the second time (which was successful) was to remove the quoted portion of it.

It's almost as if this is all due to some buggy boolean spam filter.
*sighs* Quantum, all I can say is, far as I can tell, it's nothing you did or did not do... it's just some kind of stupidity with the forum software. I don't have access to that side of things and, even if I did, I don't know if I'd be able to understand it (programming is NOT my strong suite). What was it a reply to Quantum? I can see if I can go ahead and approve it for ya :)
INteresting thig is that a few months ago the forum membership [ not much spamming going on] was 30,000 odd... now it is 55,000 odd [ including spam username registrations ] thats a wopping 25000 spam usernames on file....if one asumes no growth in actual memebrship over the last few months...
You only have to look at the viewed thred lst below to see the hundreds of BS usernames flooded in.
25,000 or there abouts spam user names in the data base... sheesh!!!!!
I entered a test post so that I coud edit it with out the mod list issue.
the post that I have in the mod list is similar to what follows:

It is interesting and somewhat tragic to note:

A few months ago the forum membership was approximately 30,000 [no significant spamming present ]
Currently the forum membership is indicated as 55,000 members.
Now if we assume that the membership has stayed more or less static [ gain/loss] that means that there is a wopping 25,000 spam usernames on the data base.

25,000 usernames that have to be deleted somehow...
You only have to look at the "who's viewed this thread" list below to see all the BS usernames [at least 400 of the 480] that are listed....
ediit: 24 hours after posting ... veiwed number [of members] has climbed to >530 from an earlier 480... increase of 50 in 24hours
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Have others tried this trick -

I post some innocuous text such as "mod queue food", then once it has posted I go and edit the post pasting in that I had originally typed out as my reply. It's an extra annoying step but it is less annoying than having to wait for posts to be approved. Especially in subforums where the sole moderator hasn't logged in for years.

the requisite minimum of 3 characters suffices
Quantum, I don't see any posts awaiting moderation for you - are you sure it didn't perhaps get lost in the ether?
GODDAMN IT! Why does it have to go to moderator que every time I post an attachment?!!?!?!? This sucks!

EDIT: WHAT? I can't even post a link to a picture? Seriously, this needs to be fixed.
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I think it has to do with some automated spam-catching software the forum is currently running. It is marking certain posts as spam and bumping them to the mod queue when it shouldn't.

Since it doesn't seem good for much, and since we seem to have solved most of our spam problem by other means, I'll suggest to the owners that it be turned off.
A good way to get around this is to edit your links in afterwards. I have not noticed problem with using just one link, but when I do multiple links I sometimes try to edit them in.

Another method that is probably more efficient is to create a post like "Hi this is my post", and then quickly copy and paste your real post in during an edit complete with all your links. (use word, wordpad, notepad, etc) Make sure to remove the "Hi this is my post from the top".
I got this visitor message from Haircuter:::

day 03:48 PM Report
I have been trying to post for over a week and it will not go through.I am a member and I keep getting a post that my messages have to be approved by a moderator. I can't figure out what the problem is.

This Message is Moderated

I told Haircutter i woud post this an see if anybody knows what the prollem might be.!!!

So is this a old prollem which is back agan... or mayb Haircutter is doin somethin wrong.???
Haircutters posts came through ("Guess what it is..."-thread). I just deleted a couple of duplicate posts.
As you well know new members can find themselves placed into the moderation queue, this was to reduce the amount of spam that was being posted here at Sciforums.com However it requires Adminstrators/Super-Moderators to keep an eye on the queue to get people through the hurdle of posting if they get "sent to Coventry", I admittedly haven't checked in a couple of weeks since I've been elsewhere and forgot about the queue altogether :/

Anyhow backlogs been fixed and I'll make sure we keep a closer eye on it.
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