why close the eyes of the dead?

If you leave them open it's creepy.
That is right, dead people with open eyes look creepy, specially when their faces look so serious.

Due to my job, I saw about a half dozen of dead people, some of them after two or more days after they became diseased, and their faces weren't happy faces at all, but looking at the "empty", however, to me would be more creepier if that dead person is smiling and looking at me.
I had thought that
Because there was a potential for the conscious mind to still see
closing the eyes ended the agony if seeing without being able to act.
There was some folklore in different places/times that if a body could ''see'' while being taken to the grave, he/she would come back to haunt the living. Also, there was a time when large coins were placed over the eyelids of the dead, as to not cause the eyelids to retract. Overall, it seems respectful to close the eyes of the deceased.