Why are Americans obese?

Harrisburg, PA just for puking purposes:


At one of my fav restaurant, Bucca di Beppo, they don't even have single meals, you have to order a double...

Omg.... :puke: (the burger)

It seems that tasty food aren't healthy or junk foods are tastier (than healthy foods).
1) There is so much food readily available and for cheap -- probably more than in any other country on earth.
2) A lot of it is made of toxic waste (ok - hyperbole there, but it's not too far from the truth)
3) Inactive life style:
- Office work - we sit on our asses all day as opposed to working the fields
- Computer games - kids increasingly get their after-school entertainment at home behind a desk / on the couch
- Cheap cars - because cars are so affordable, more and more people have them, and use them, to go everywhere instead of biking, walking, etc.

Nowadays when somebody is fit it is more likely because they actively make an effort to, and not because of their natural life style. In 2nd/3rd world countries people are fit (or at least not obese) because their regular routines make them so. They don't need to go on a special diet or sign up to a fitness club.
True otheadp ..... americans use their cars in stead of walking ... statistics show americans walk about 1000 steps a day .... french people take 10000 steps a day ......
American food has too many calories ..... ever been to an american diner and ordered full breakfast ??? .... enough calories for a day !!!
Also americans are stressed - long working hours and long transport ... short holidays ..... eating relieves stress .... it is easy to fall into a pattern and get bad eating habits .......
Genetics ....... hmmm, might be a reason .... also there is this "obesity virus" around ....


LOL! I always just shake my head at ones that I see drive around and around a parking lot looking for the closest parking space. It's not like this is a few, it's a lot of drivers that do this. I am always thinking what the issue is with walking a few more steps instead of being lazy and wasting gas and time. :rolleyes:

You also have to look at American mentality. If you are walking or bicycling somewhere, then you are automatically assumed to be in a lower class and are poor. :rolleyes:
Yea, the English speaking countries are on the top 10 (US, UK, Australia, NZ, and Canada)... interesting observation! As for the meat and potatoes, I'm not so sure.. many Europeans drink so much beer, cheese, milk, pasta, and I guess meat, too.. Perhaps it has to do with them (the top 10) as plural or new countries, i.e. has a lot of immigrants and so lots of variety of cuisines? :p

That last observation is interesting.

I tend to see it as lifestyle. The English culture, for all its gifts, has imbued us with an austerity that makes us think "we deserve it..." and "we want it NOW" which translates into bad eating habits for most of us.

Shit, I'm addicted to pancakes. I'm obsessed. I think about them all week. I allow myself to eat them ONE day (Fri, Sat or Sun... whichever) and I totally pig out. If I gave in to my baser instincts, I'd be as big as a house. And weighing 190lbs (6' though) right now, I really don't want to put on any more weight.

Shit, I'm addicted to pancakes. I'm obsessed.

stop...you're making me hungry.....guess i could ride my bike over to IHOP ;)
Also I bet car ownership and usage is bigger in the States then in Japan. Even if you use public transportation you still have to walk a lot. Not with a car...

Edit: USA 478, Japan 396 per 1000
Eating is pleasurable, and us Americans can afford all we want. Exercise isn't pleasurable, and we've aranged our lives so that we really don't get any exercise in the course of a normal day unless we go out of our way to hit the gym.

Oh please the French and Italians have a much more refined sense of culinary delights and they aren't fat porkers. The average American finds eating crap pleasurable because they have forgotten the art of wholesome meals!
Oh please the French and Italians have a much more refined sense of culinary delights and they aren't fat porkers. The average American finds eating crap pleasurable because they have forgotten the art of wholesome meals!

Or how about... the French are homosexuals with nothing better to do than act pretentious?

I don't give a shit about "culinary delights." And I don't eat like an "average American." My plates are quick and to the point... fuel with flavor.
took my daughter clothes shopping today. She was the only average weight child trying on clothes. All the other girls were flat out fat trying on XS clothing. You could see every roll and the dimple of their belly button. Their over weight moms stood there saying "oh that looks cute" I was aghast
Let's find out what people think. Extra points for whomever uses evolution in their explanation.

Cultural evolution during the agricultural phase of the human species led to the introduction of many biological quirks that damage man.

Originally a grain diet led to the grinding down of human teeth due to the milling process and the traces of sand and grit in bread.

Then the introduction of sugar led to tooth decay by caries.

And now fast food has led to an obesity plague.

The food in Merica is FUCKING AWESOME and there's tons of it!!! ;) :D

Also, desk jobs and GREAT TV don't help much.
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