Who do you dress for?

On what do you base your choice of clothes?

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I dress for myself. I feel better when I am dressed nice, hair is done up...etc.
Secondly I dress for my B/f. He seems to appreciate that when we go out I am not
a big sweat shirt, track pants kinda girl.
I file that under convenience, you could go for some other opinion
Fashion is driven by women, not men.
Before I married I dressed for other women, but I did it through men. I didn't want the men, only thier attention, because that attention made other women jealous. I was aiming for the jealousy, not the attention.
When other women are jealous, you know you look good. I think most men just see a potentially naked woman no matter what you are wearing.
For whom do I dress? Myself mainly. And then so I look good enough for others so that I am afforded attractive opportunities.
I think most men just see a potentially naked woman no matter what you are wearing.

I rarely ever undress women with my eyes. I think Wow, she's got a beautiful form or I'd love to bump fuzzies with her but I rarely ever think about what she actually looks like naked.
I often find myself dressing to project a certian image, and it's usually influenced by shit I see in movies.

For example....

Brian Jones.
I wear clothes appropriate for whatever the occasion is that I might be going to. I never dress with high formal attire but like casual formal wear sometimes.
I dress for boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and dad. Cause not everything boys like dad likes. So you have to dress so both r happy or you hear "go upstairs and put some cloths on astin!!!!"
I like to wear stuff not everyone wears. If i go out somewhere i'll wear chunk tshirts, bands tshirts and the like.Other than that i could care less what i wear if im not going anywhere