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Dear Friends,
if you see the present world scenario, there is no peace to the human.Every where terrorism in several formats.

Not only the terrorism,the social life we are leading is not at all making us to live in peace.Tensions in day to day life,hurry,worries,new kind of diseases making the human to live without peace.

what is the solution for this.why terrorism arising.bcoz of few mad people whole world is suffering.there is a chance this terrorism will lead to III World War.

what is the solution for this.

honestly I believe that the only thing the majority of us can do is live our lives peacefully and happily. Be educated about the world, but not swayed by it's fundamentalism. Teach this to your children.

I can't bring myself to hate those who hate, because in my heart I know they must have suffered terribly to come to where they are. I think people mostly want ease and security ... and would have it if they thought it possible.

I'm no supporter of terrorism, but I won't write them off- they have legitimate issues. Which unfortunately are the first thing lost when they resort to violence.
Superior and universal education is the answer.

Disputes only occur when both parties cannot agree on the interpretation of the same facts, or lack of facts. This inability stems from inadequate or fallacious education, resulting in ignorance and the belief in superstitions.

Ignorance and superstitions arise from insufficient knowledge combined with an inability to think critically. Islamic nations have both conditions in abundance.

When some farmers in Afghanistan were told the reasons for the current conflict and why the USA was bombing them they expressed surprised when they were told where the USA was and that the earth was spherical.

The increased investment in education in most European countries is producing a united interest in increased cooperation and prosperity. The current more inferior education system of the USA is recognized as such and extra effort is being placed on this requirement.

In a Gallup poll conducted this week results showed that 41% of Americans visit a church or other religious establishment regularly. This has been dropping steadily over the past decade. The equivalent poll conducted in Europe shows only a fraction of that value.

Reduce dependence on religion and increase the quality of education. Until then we must expect that many will react and live according to ignorance and superstition.

Cris ...

Re. "Superior and universal education is the answer."

Considering that Europe during the 20th Century had an excellent education
system, particularly England, France, Germany and Russia, how do you account
for the the bloodyness of that Century?

Not 'superior' or 'universal' enough?


Take care and have a decent holiday.
Superior and universal education...

To these I would add poverty abatement and also...

... the 20th Century...how do you account for the the bloodyness of that Century?

...failure of people en masse to proactively monitor the people to whom they grant authority over them and failure to timely mitigate the abuse of such authority.

--Happy Solstice, good folks. :)

I have to admit I was only thinking of the last few decades while I have been alive.

But perhaps they have now learnt an awful lot from the first half century.

We're in the midst of troubled times, yes, but perhaps no worse or better than in the past. If you take a much wider view, an historical and objective perspective, one realizes that the threat of human extinction has existed for many, many years. What can the individual do? Tough question. That's like asking how does one control his/her emotional reaction to all the horrible things on T-V. I have arrived at personal answers for myself but they're not applicable to others. I believe mental health, for example, is based on an absence of fear and guilt... but one doesn't reach a healthy level of peace and acceptance merely by wishing to be there. There's a lot more to it than that.
Today I read an article which appeared in this month's (Dec. 2001) issue of Scientific American Magazine titled, "India, Pakistan and the Bomb". The authors speak of 3 to 5 minute missile flight times between targets, effectively keeping fingers near launch buttons. They also estimate that three quarters of a million deaths might result from a 15kTon device exploded over Bombay. I was reminded of this quote;

"Only part of us is sane: only part of us loves pleasure and the longer day of happiness, wants to live to our nineties and die in peace, in a house that we built, that shall shelter those who come after us. The other half of us is nearly mad...and wants to die in a catastrophe that will set back life to its beginnings and leave nothing of our house save its blackened foundations." Rebecca West ,Black Lamb, Gray Falcon

Do you remember the story of how one of the Apollo astronauts was able to put the entire planet Earth behind his thumb? (The directors had Tom Hanks do it as well in the film Apollo 13 )

I think about this all the time. From a distance our great planet is just a little blue dot. Our entire history as well as our future is contained in that little dot. From such a distance our religious, ethnic, and nationalistic differences must seem silly and trivial. All men are more than 99.9% genetically identical. From such a distance we might as well all be considered as clones. From my vantage point, all 6 billion of us are brothers and sisters.

The hatred that brought us 35 to 60 million deaths in the last world war is an insidious virus. It may lie dormant for decades. But when the conditions it requires to flourish return, conditions of nationalistic, racial and religious bigotry, the virus springs back to produce misery on a grand scale.

We can learn to overcome our hatred and bigotry, or we can resume digging graves. But I remind you that for each grave you dig for your enemy, dig one for your family and friends.

Our future is not "out there" in the hands of some god. We've been "out there" and can only look back at that tiny blue dot containing all our love and hope. Obviously, our future is in our own hands.

I've always been ashamed of my natural irrational optimism. My reason agrees more with the wit that proclimed, "Hope deceives more than does cunning". Human history gives me little reason to hope for peace in our future. But a man has no choice but to cling to his hope, even if it is only a thread. My specific hope is that we cultivate the notion that we are all brothers dwelling on a tiny blue dot adrift in the vast emptyness of space, with only each other for comfort. This is my hope for a peaceful New Year.

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Blue Fear has always been a necessary ingredient in political-military ambitions. Compared to the horrors of the First World War and the Cuban missile crisis of 1961, the current situation is small potatoes indeed. However, as long as tax dollars are wasted on the war machine, the quality of life on this insignificant planet will continue to decline. Some folks worry about nuclear holocaust, others are worried about a promotion or an annoying brain tumour. Few people live without irrational fear and guilt. Sad.
human nature

I believe that this is a matter of human nature. Many would put this discussion purely under ethics or morality, however I believe that there is something more primal that drives us to do a majority of the violent things that we do. We are built to be group hunters and therefore we are concerned with the society that we live in. This is both due to the fact that a strong society will lead to less internal conflict and better hunting teams and the fact that our genes will be passed down in our society. Now throw in other groups (societies/ cultures etc). Most of your descendants will remain in your society and will not spread to others. This means that other societies do not contribute to your lt goal as a living organism ( to grow, reproduce etc), in fact they probably threaten your society by stealing natural resources etc. (not that this actually occurs on a daily basis today as to create wars etc). One would therefore not be that concerned with the welfare of other societies if not hostile.
Keep in mind that these things are mostly a factor in most of our emotions/ feelings but usually contribute to some of the conflicts in the world today. Hopefully we will find the strength to grow past our primal fears and tendencies and realize only united, can we stand to have a hope of surviving the next few millennia
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In addition, to maintain a strong society, the people who do not contribute to society are usually thrown out or worse.