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Please notice that Whittaker's work and the
characteristics of Maxwell's scalar component of the
quaternion allow the direct electromagnetic engineering of
the vacuum. In fact, they allow the actually structuring
and variation of massless electric charge flux itself. Now,
in the new approach, one electron can be quite different
from another, because its electric charge flux can be varied
and patterned. Not only can its overall electrical charge
be varied, but its charge can be dynamically structured.
Now the charge of an electron or other fundamental particle
can vary, and the charge flux of a single particle (or a
group) can be spatially structured __ or activated.

The activation concept, for example, allows an immediate and
testable explanation of the mechanism by means of which
homeopathy works. Recall what I said about water
structuring and hydrancephaly. A chemical compound has a
deterministic infolded EM Whittaker structure. If you make
a solution of the compound, you change this hidden internal
energy structure of the fluid. If you then get rid of the
physical carrier __ the mass of the original compound __ and
just leave the inner energy structure for that compound, you
have homeopathy. Chemistry is totally due to charge and
charge distribution. In homeopathy you're retaining the
charge template in the potential, and that affects charges
in the treated body just like the actual medication. In
fact better, because you now do not have the "physical
residue" to worry with, but do things directly. These new
concepts are profound and controversial changes to the
present foundations assumptions of physics and biology.

In the new approach, you can't just automatically apply
random variable statistics. You have to apply chaos. In
structuring the vacuum's virtual photon exchange with the
mass of a charged particle, we have moved to a completely
new and much more fundamental level of engineering. Now the
massless virtual particle charge flux can be activated with
a particular dynamic structure __ a vacuum engine, if you
will __ to perform a special job. Or we can activate a
local spacetime itself, curving it and internally
structuring that curvature to our will. That locally curved
spacetime then becomes a continuing, inexhaustible source of
a specialized vacuum engine or engines. We can tailor the
local vacuum so as to be able to violate any and all of the
present conservation laws, not just two out of three as the
present CPT theorem permits. Literally we can use the
vacuum's incredibly powerful flux to produce localized
vacuum engines. We can reach directly into the atomic
nuclei with magic, gentle, accurately controlled fingers.

We can for the first time begin to do actual tailoring and
engineering of the nucleus itself. We can further directly
collect and integrate virtual state energy forms, which in
QM are called "ghost forms." Literally, eventually anything
at all can be materialized and brought into physical
reality, or dematerialized so as to disappear from physical
reality. And we shall be able to engineer and change the
local laws of nature, since we can directly engineer and
control the Schroedinger equation, the quantum potentials,
and the entire local vacuum potential in all its partial
potential parts.

Whether we're ready or not, God has now seen fit to hand to
humankind the ability to engineer its own physical reality
and its own destiny. We can make of the new engineered
reality a heaven or a hell. Whichever we do, we will reap
the benefits or face the consequences. It would indeed be
wonderful if, for the first time, we could develop this
powerful new tool to save humankind rather than destroy it.