What is Best? Coding a Game in C++ or C#?


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Which is easier, less time consuming, and more effective, coding a game in C++ using DirectX or coding a game in C# using Unity?
Language wars = religious wars = framework wars = platform wars. Best suggestion: Find something that works for you and start coding.

I guess I will try out learning both languages and try out coding in both languages and see which one I like more and which one works better for me.
It absolutely agrees, you need to try to code in the language that you like best.

Different languages can be less difficult, less time consuming, and more effective at reaching a goal when compared to other languages but the effectiveness of a language for you also comes down to a particular language being something you like to code in and that you find most understandable.
I believe C# is an easier language to learn than C++ so I imagine learning C# and Unity would be easier than learning C++ and DirectX.
I believe that while programming a game in C# with Unity may be easier for some people to learn and do programming a game in C++ with DirectX may give you more power than C# with Unity does so it may be the better choice for some situations.
Does anybody know if coding a 2D or 3D game in C++ with DirectX gives you more power and precision than C# with Unity? I believe both paths are two of the best and most widely used for Windows game development.