What does God want?

Dude that is seriously bigoted.
I suppose so my method fits the definition...

And others who may or may not have been christian rang alarm bells as soon as they would say "we dont need it in writing I am a man of my word" ...translation " my word is good but it changes to suit my mood"
You have crossed a line here.
That's how skinheads talk about Jews.
Well I cant agree there as it is my understanding skin heads hate Jews and I certainly did not hate christians one little bit (I had a wide circle of friends back then many of whom classed themselves as christians) ...I dont hate anyone.

I found Jews really good to deal with but back then I did not know about so much ..I acted for Christian Lebanese when they were regarded by Aussies very badly...they loved me and wanted me to run for council elections with a promise that I would win.

Back then I was the only agent in the suburb that dealt with gay folk with respect (or at all) ...and Indians...and tenants.

..agents treated tenants like scum but not me.

And around here I treat the aborigines as friends and played pool with them..they call me black santa☺..I would be at the pub and a car load would come in and one would know me from pool and all excited drag in six others to introduce me as a friend...others say they are not prejudiced but secretly they were and these guys knrw I was an exception. I have relatives who are aboriginal.

Anyways sorry for crossing a line here.
We were renting a farm from a christian cause of purchase delays and I love the guy but even he has this thing where "things just change" ... and my only beef with him is I lent him six dvds and he never returned them and has promised three times to do so...I have written them off.
Still like him but I would not lend him a dvd ...is that bigoted?

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Yes because an atheist is the greatest, in his own head.
I dont think atheist are any different to other humans as it seems most folk think their position is better than others.

They believed in the god they now deny and reject, you know, the one made out of straw. :rolleyes:

Point taken.

What does reading the Bible, have to do with believing in God?

Little I guess other than if you read it cover to cover you may become an atheist.

Have you stopped pooping in your neighbours garden?

I could be evasive but let me provide a direct answer.
I never have and never would..

It seems like evasion to the atheist, because the atheist only sees it from his own point of view.

I do realise that and in your general defence I suggested folk not be hard on your for those reasons.
I got a little off track in my time here in many ways but nothwithstanding what my ex wives say ...I am not perfect...they were being sarcastic and probably I gave them justification.

Interestingly I have gone from believing they were 100% in the wrong to a realisation that I was overbearing etc and now realise that I was 100% wrong.

The thing I realised yesterday is everyone opperates from a subjective position and believe their position is the objective reality...I guess my lines below indicate I was thinking this is the case for some time.
What I am back to is respecting others reality even though they are wrong in my view and always I could be wrong...actually I am moving to not making right or wrong judgements.

..things just are ...and really most things dont need to be judged and really if you dont judge you avoid stressing about stuff.

And sorry about indulging in off topic discussion, that was disrespectful and I appreciate the pleasant manner you used to point that out...you were polite and I respect that.

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What is bigoted is attributing someone's *behavior* to their *religion*.
Yes I understand.
I think I have been bigotted being honest with myself.
And when I think about it I lent some cage fight tapes to an atheist mate who has not returned them..theres an atheist for you☺
The truth is they are both slack, they are not trying to steal my dvds and of course neither they or me will ever look at those tapes.
I would walk over broken glass barefoot to return a loan, goods or money, If you say something you should keep your word or at least explain why you cant...make a special call with acknowledgement that you cant pay today or you feel bad you still have a book or dvd.
Still my fault..never a borrower or lender be..unless that is your business etc. Be hard to flick houses without a bank to help you leverage for profit.
Thanks Dave I appreciate, as always, your kind help.
And then generalizing to decide *those kinds of people* are like that.
And of course who is first here to jump in around here and accuse people of generalising..you must have noticed me...pot kettle syndrome.

Thank for holding the mirror Dave and doing so in such a polite considerate manner.

I feel a better person because I can use what I have learnt to improve...but I cant repair the part of me that was lost there for a while.

I know I dont trust religious folk but really I dont trust anyone so its not like I am focusing on them.

I was an equal oppertunity bigot...can I just not trust humans and escape being a bigot?
Jesus, whoever he was or even if he existed, but according to his princples I think one can take the respect everyone to be a good value...I try and recon better than most.
I hate hypocrites but I guess I must do that at times.
Anyways somehow I must fit all that in and still maintain self estheem.

Thanks again Dave I hope all is good in your world.
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You would look for GOD in scripture?
Are there any other books about God than scripture?
How can one possibly get past the proposition that God is a sentient and motivated being, without any proof whatever.
Those attributes are not trivial and warrant clear and coherent explanation, not vague and completely subjective "feelings".
You cannot discuss reality without engaging in philosophy
I can agree with that. OTOH, one cannot discuss philosophy while ignoring reality.
IOW, you cannot assign physical properties and abilities to metaphysical concepts.